PSA: Just got a Koxx One Green Spirit from Walmart.

Came looking run over or semi crushed by hydraulic press with a Kodak Photo glued to the box picturing a green Fluo.

I opened it in store and everything looked OK, but to be sure I opened the frame and voila low and behold it was aluminium and white!

To try your luck I bought it here: and choose the only option, green.

It’s my first cycle after playing on my late cousins 24" sun and I love it so much already.

First day playing around:

Hope others in need get a lucky one too! (even if not it’s a 90 day return policy and with ship to store you can deny it then and there)

It’s now out of stock, so you probably got the last one, as I think Koxx went out of business, and weren’t ISIS cranks from Koxx designed to be incompatible with all other brands?

This might be a concern later if you damage your cranks, or if you want to experiment with shorter ones, but otherwise you got an excellent unicycle for the price. Enjoy!

It is still available, you have to click the green color option (i haven’t found a way to link to it)

How do I check if it’s ISIS compatible?

I think it was just older K1 cranks that had compatibility issues. I have a set of K1 cranks that looks just like the ones in the photo, and I’m using them on a Nimbus hub with no problems.

Great find, icerc! Yes, the company is out of business, and those will be new-old-stock closeouts (so very little choice of color, etc), but a great deal when you can find one at a good price. Unless it’s an early model (not likely), the cranks will be ISIS. I also have a set of cranks just like those, and they’re ISIS. (And they’re pretty old cranks.)
Cheers! :slight_smile:

I won the same raffle from last year. See:


Oh sweet pwest! Same Kodak photo and everything. I wonder if ours are made in France? Did you ever see if ISIS hubs fit?

I lost the raffle and have received the one you paid for when I purchased a Green Spirit.

Wow, great find! In wonder if the damage to the OP’s box happened during shipping to his house, or if it already had a bunch of wear & tear after a life of being liquidated, possibly several times, and re-shipped?

The early Koxx unis were “mostly” ISIS. That is, they were kind of a relaxed version of the spec, which was less precise than most and therefore didn’t necessarily fit with other ISIS products.

Were the Koxx’s actually manufactured in France? I don’t know. French company, but most of that stuff comes from Asia…

Great find!
Like all cycling stuff, those were made in Taiwan.

I believe some are. Obviously the cheaper steel frames are made in Taiwan but according to one post i found they have made them in France.

" They’re made in France (I visited their factory/warehouse in the French Alps)"

Thanks, I thought only their trial b**es were made in France, learning new stuff all the time! :smiley:

/Just got another one from to see what would come and It’s a White Russian leather seat with plastic pedals and the Green spirit alloy frame and tough wheel.

So if anyone wants a good cheap trials I still recommend site to store shipping.

I need a tire for my equinox and was going to get another Cyko Lite but I have heard good things about the Maxis creepy crawler on here and this is a good price I believe.

Nice find, DaUniGuy! Btw, the same price is on eBay and Amazon if you prefer those marketplaces because it’s the same seller (Xtreme Bike & Sport):

Seems like I’ve bought from them before although the names tend to be similar and it’s hard to keep track after a while.

Looks like there are still a few out there. Just received one as well (I did replace the pedals though but the rest is what came in the box from Walmart.)

Will any one of the multiple people who have received this frame be willing to sell it to me for a decent price? I.e. somewhere around the price of a new KH/Impact frame + a bit extra for your troubles

I have been trying to collect all the old frames for historical purposes and have every old Koxx aluminium frame except this one. I have tried to buy it from amazon and they have sent me the steel frame you guys have ordered 3 times and now told me they can’t give me the correct one (will only refund). As I live in Australia its a massive issue trying to sort it with Amazon every time.

If you are not a street/trials king and would be willing to help me document unicycling I would be very greatful.

Was looking for another decently priced trials for the kids/loaner uni so I decided to roll the dice on one of these. Ordered on Wednesday morning and was in store for pick up tonight (Friday). Was a little worried about what I would receive and while waiting I read up on these from older posts.

The box it came in had seen better days. Looks like it had been run over by a forklift and had hole in corner I could fit my hand into. No damge or missing parts though.

Mine came with the aluminum green spirit frame with same green drilled rim as posted earlier in thread. Has a tire marked “bike trial 20x2.50” as its only markings. Came with the reinforced hub and cranks (140mm). Seat is the black leather top with K1 logo and red cloth wrap around, fluo saddle? Try all pedals, the small ones with molded in rubber grip.

Just put it all together and went for spin on the patio. I do not regret this purchase at all! I think I’m keeping this uni for myself and the old summit is getting put on loaner duty.

So I returned the first one. The cranks came loose constantly. Also I believe the hub wasn’t real ISIS standard.

The second one had a seat post that was ribbed (re-enforced) on the inside, cranks that don’t come loose, and a hub that says ISIS Drive on it.

Definitely a huge success fashion-wise, as the rim matches your sneakers, but I’ve never before seen an ISIS hub that had only 32 holes. They are usually 36 or 48. Still seems good for the price, though.