PSA: Intense 26/29" MUNI Tires Sale

For 29ers:

I have not ridden or seen this tire, but if it’s like all the other tires Intense makes, this one is burly and high volume. Could be the Gazz of the 29er world.

For 26ers:

I ride something like the Intense FRO DH, now called the Intruder, great Muni tire, as good as the Gazz 2.6, similar volume and ride. The original DH 3" tire was a wire bead. I think the folding bead is just as resilient, but easier to get on the rim and has a more durable bead. I have one now and ordered two back ups :slight_smile:

There are wider 26er Intense DH tires, up to 3", but the only ones I’ve seen advertised lately are 2.5-2.7

If you’re looking at Intense DH tires, watch for the following:
Get the tread pattern that has a symetrical (consistant) outter knobby, avoid the tires where the outter knobby goes “in and out” like a wave.
Avoid symetrical gaps in the inner knobbies, look for tires that have center contact at all times, left, center, right, iotherwise the tire will go “thump, thump, thump”.
Get the two ply sidewalls for jumping, heavy riders, etc… The singly wall is not a bad tire, but it is not as sturdy for low pressure riding. If you want the Gazz experience, be sure and get two ply.
The lower the count, the stickier the rubber, so 50d is a good sticky rubber, like a trials tire.

I’ve been looking at the FRO/Intruder for awhile now, but have a hard time justifying a new tire when the one I’m using (kenda telonix 2.4, it’s not great, but it works) has so much tread left. Is it worth it?

I have that 29" tire, sorry to say that it is garbage. Heavy, doesn’t grip well, the bead was oversized so it did not seat well on my rim and the general build quality was fairly poor. I got it when they were 60% off.

So far I like the WTB Prowler for a all round 29" MUni tire.

I have tried a lot of muni tires, beginning with the Kenda Klaw. You can read my tire reviews on the Muni Tire thread, but suffice to say that I think the Intense tires are the best muni tire made, as good as the Gazz.

If the Gazz Jr 26 x 2.6 was still made, I’d have a hard time choosing between riding that or riding my Intense DH FRO 26 x 2.5, but in the end I’d choose the Intense for the folding bead and stickier rubber.

After looking at the tread pattern on the kenda telonix, which looks liek a typical Rr DH tire, I’d say you’d be doing yourself a great service y going to a DH tire that has a better centerline. Your tread is like the Minion, which was okay, but really not great for lateral control, which Munis need more than MTB.

Is it worth it to me? Well, I already have one and just bought two spares :slight_smile:

My tires arrived last night, INtense DH Fro lite, 50d sticky rubber, two ply side wall, folding bead.

So very nice, same exact tires as I already ride, but these were only $20 each shipped, whereas my other tires cost $50!

I wonder how long they can be stored :slight_smile:

Great tires, perfect size for a 26" muni, far more grip and side wall strength that the Leopard, similar to the Gazz Jr.

Get em now before they go the way of the Dodo.