Proud Papa!

On Tuesday, my 7-year-old daughter made her first 30ft. ride!! She did it at the unicycle class that Billham has organized and I help out with. She is soooo excited. My 5-year-old daughter is riding along supported by one hand along our garage wall! She doesn’t even know how to ride a bike yet…I think she will learn uni before spring. It’s inspiring to see so many people show up week after week…Tuesday we had 21 riders!!

To cap off this posting, I had a lovely ride this afternoon on my coker. I went 7.7miles, had a max speed of 12.3mph, and an average speed of 10.0mph. It’s January 13th and I rode in shorts and a t-shirt! This is just unbelievable for here.:smiley:

It was 67°F!

Wow - congrats to your daughter!

My 7-yr-old daughter is up to 2 and 3 revolutions, not quite to where yours is, but soon. She’ll get it because she wants it bad.

Ain’t parenthood cool!

Congratulations to both of you, but especially to your daughter. :slight_smile:

My son learned when he was 8, and is now 11. Our frequent trail rides together over the last few years have been one of the joys of my life.

May you have many many great rides ahead…


Very cool, congratulations to the both of you.:slight_smile:

this makes me look forward to becoming a parent… i hope i will be as proud as you guys are.

My daughter is only two and a half but she will walk around the house with her arms out and wobbling saying “whoa, whoa I’m unicycling” It’s pretty funny. She also points at the TV when I’m watching Universe and says “That’s you daddy?” I think she’ll want to uni when she’s able too. I’m really looking forward to it. Hopefully my 6 month old son will want to uni when he’s older too.

Thanks for the posts! It really is rewarding seeing a kid (especially one’s own) accomplish such a great thing. She’s almost as proud of herself as I am of her (actually both of them, and I’ve got a third girl who will undoubtedly follow in her sisters’ tiretracks). I’m looking forward to the rides with them. It’s almost comparable to seeing them walk for the 1st time. I want to do a demo at their elementary school when my 5-year-old learns to ride solo, stir up some more riders!

Damn that i’m only 17, wish i was older, just to have a child to teach to uni. :smiley:

Congrats on the Girls’ success. :slight_smile:

They will get better than you. I speak from experience.

Don’t I know it!!! Thanks for the congrats (they’ll see this when they wake up in the morning!). More incentive for me to gain skills!:slight_smile: