Proud of myself

For the last couple of days i have been practicing HARD. the hair on my legs are GONE and ON the inside of my 661’s. so these are the things i have accomplished.

my first 360 on complete flatland.
rolling double 188 unispin
first crankflip
landing 180 unspin 10 out of 10 times.
got rotation down on 360 unspin
record coasting distance-about 30 feet downhill
record seat drag-about 20 pedal rotations

so yeah… im pretty proud of myself. what tricks are you guys working on/ practicing? just curious and bored.

dam dude nicei wish i could do that

just get motivated and put some hardcore mmusic on your ipod. that did it for me;)

tommarrow is pretty much the start of a 3 day weekend and im so stoked to nail my crankspin some more. i cant wait

How long have you been riding? I’ll bet less than six months? You young guys learn so dang fast! I’m jealous!:smiley:

just about a year… but i havent really been practicing tricks all along

that impressive =p

what type of uni do you have?

wouldnt that be a 360 then?

360 unispin consistency

no. its doing 2 180 unispins really fast one after the other.(tire on ground in between the unispins.

i have a 2006 torker dx

Nice, a full one? film it and post it here.I am working on sidw

I am working on sideways wheel walking. I just started trying yesterday. I want to start working on 360s on my bc wheel and 180s off things like benches.

kool, and has it been holding up really well so far? also, how high of drops have you took it off? and one more thing lol, how much do you weigh?

Sorry for the questions but im about to buy one and im trying to find out if they have been holding up well for other ppl, so far they seem like they are but then ill see one that breaks, but hopefully its a good uni for me to start learning on, trials wise that is =p

Yeah its been my trusty uni. nothing wrong is wrong with it. but therre is one thing i dont know what it is. i think it might be some sort ofhub sloppage. but thats because ive have absed it pretty badly. i weigh 107 pounds. i have taken it off of 6 foot drop twice one i didnt land it the second time i did. and i didnt roll away(i sucked back then) the torker dx is a great uni

I’m sortof trying to learn sideways wheel walk and standupww backwards, but I never practice that much.

And doing 360 unispins consistant, and rolling. Plus a bunch of like flatland combo junk.

awesome! i just bought one about 4mins ago, so im expecting to see it in a few days =p im so fricken excited!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: