Proud new owner of a KH Trials (25-27mm seat post question)

Alright, so UDC had an awesome deal on a brand new KH Trials frame and I nabbed it. I also grabbed a new Creepy Crawler while I was there. Up until now, I have been riding a Nimbus Blizzard Trials. It’s been great, but I have always wanted to “treat” myself to a KH, and this Father’s Day I am doing it! Anyway, I already have the KH Street saddle and the Moments with Rollos, so I’ll soon be the proud owner of my first Kris Holm Unicycle (except for the wheel).

I’m really excited, and I’m sure it will be so much lighter that I’ll be doing 1080 spins by next week (insanity has set in). Anyway, I can’t find anybody in the U.S. right now that has the 27mm forged KH seat post in stock. So, has anybody ever used a 25mm Nimbus seat post in a KH 27mm frame? I was thinking about using something as a shim, maybe an aluminum can (cut and secured to the post).

Is this asking for trouble? Is there a better way to do it or should I just wait for the KH post? Keep in mind that I’m not doing anything extreme yet.

You will need more than a can as the difference is 0.9 mm on the radius

Why risk your new spangly frame, UDC have got a 27.2mm Nimbus cromo in stock for $12 which would be more than adequate for an interim post :slight_smile:

Looks like Compulsion has them:

I have a KH adjustable seat post that’s too short for me. It may be too short for you as well, how tall are you?

You’re going to the Roanoke muni gathering, right? I could bring it if it sounds like it might work out.

@jbtilley - I’m only 5’7" and it’s for flatland/trials stuff, so it doesn’t need to be very long. Can you measure how much post is left on it? I’ll compare it to what I need. Thanks.

@Max - have you dealt with that company before? I’ve never heard of them, but I’m willing to give them a chance. Thanks.

If you look at the picture:

There’s 5 1/2" of post measuring from the bottom of where the silver adjustable portion connects to the post.


6 3/4" from the very top where the seat meets to the bottom of the post.

Given you need at least 2" in the frame and that you’d be putting it in a trials it may be very short indeed. Probably better suited for a 36" uni.

(forgot just how short it was)

Yup. It’s run by a friend of mine and all around good guy. I recommend them to everyone.

Compulsion cycles is awesome and is an official dealer of

Thanks for the referral. Always nice to have another option for Unicycle parts. We have no local dealers in my area, except for a bicycle shop that has 1 or 2 Torkers for display (no parts inventory).