Proud dad

I’m proud of my six year old son. He learn yesterday riding uni.
He learn to ride bike at the april and uni at the december.
who else is learning both at the same year?


Im proud of your son, but im more proud of you. I wish my dad had taught me how to Unicycle at age 6. Power to the dads.

That is awesome. In my opinion, he looks much better on the Unicycle. :slight_smile: --chirokid–

Hyvä. Ei mene enää kauaa ja poikasi ajaa paremmin kuin kukaan muu koko maassa. Muksut oppii yllättävän nopeesti. Pikkusiskollani meni ehkä 3 tai 4 päivää ja se pääsi ilman tukea liikkeelle.

Hey Joona someone else from your country. You’re not alone anymore!

I’m not the only unicycler in the country. The others are just too far away to go riding with.

I need to teach one of my cousins to ride. He turns four next year.

That’s really cool. I wish my dad had let me ride in the house!

Wicked, maybe he’ll become the next Kris Holm?!?

Re: Proud dad

My son and daughter both learned to ride two summers ago. At the time my daughter was 4 years old and my son was 6.

This picture is her first (I think) curb drop.

I know the “proud dad” feeling.

I’m hopeful that with the new (tiny) unicycle that Steve Howard custom build for my youngest son that he’ll be riding at age 3.


I think I was 6 when I taught myself to ride. I’m 10 now.

Re: Proud dad

That’s awesome! And I agree with chirokid: he looks much better on the
uni. Most kids his age, at least in the Netherlands, can ride a bike.
But how many six year olds can say they ride unis? Way to go!

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I hope to be a 90 year old guy who rides his unicycle to the store for whiskey and condoms. - J.D. Miller

More kids ride bikes because they are more challenging. You have to worry about two wheels at the same time. Uniing is so much easier. The only reason people ride unis is because they are cheaper.

That was the most untrue thing I ever said.

Way to go, Dad (and Dads)! Too often, kids and parents separate all too quickly in their interests and activities. Unicycling seems to be a solid activity that parents and kids can do together for many, many years.

We learned to uni in the living room over Winter 2000 and managed to break a few things…like walls, furniture, shelves, etc. Mary semi-patiently waited for us to learn then kicked us out into the wild outdoors. The next winter, I remodeled the living room in oak and now Mary says no more riding in the house. Boy, she is sure insensitive…:slight_smile: