Protective Pads and Helments

This thread is intended for discussion on what pads you think do the best job of protecting you, your preferences, the quality of pads, and what youd recomend for different styles of unicycling. I realize there are other threads about what shin guards you should get or do you where a helmet and that kind of stuff but this is overall for all the pads. I searched for a thread like this and if there already is one please tell me.

I have got this for knee and shinprotection.I use them for muni and they protect my knee and shin very well. The only disadvantage is that they get out of place more often than other kneeprotection.

661s are amazing!!! Only problem is that I’ve worn mine so much that they are in bad condition (but they still work) and they smell HORRIBLE. Oh yeah and the 4x4 knee and shins are the best.

yep 661 4x4s have been the standard for years, not perfect but they do the job. The KH armour is a similar style but presumably improved, haven’t tried them myself.