Protective gear - Where to buy in Canada?

I’m having some serious problems locating knee/leg and elbow/wrist armour in Canada. I’m looking for either KH or 661.

I really only have two stipulations:

  1. they sell over the web with a credit card; and
  2. they return emails.

Suggestions are definitely welcome.

One other problem I’ve found is that the KH website only lists up to XL for the knee/leg Percussion armour, but lists up to XXL. Can anyone answer which site has the right info?


If you are looking for KH leg armor, is the right place.

The shop is located in Calgary and offers a great customer service. They do sell over the web with credit card, money, check, anything basically. They also return e-mails, but Pete will be out of the country for a week tomorrow.

I hope I could be useful, if you have any other question, just ask.


Oh really? I can’t seem to find any… at least, using Firefox 3.0.6. Am I doing something wrong?

Unfortunately, I’m still waiting on two unanswered emails sent to (among a few other places). I did submit an order through them a week or two ago, and haven’t heard back…

I think Pete has been pretty busy lately, I had troubles reaching him too. This is not something usual. Otherwise, you can just call, but like I said, he is leaving soon.

I am sorry about the situation. Have you tried at your LBS ? Or Bedford Unicycles ? They should both have 661 pads in stock.


Yeah it is strange that Pete isn’t responding, he is usually really on it. If you really want to get a hold of him though, the best way is always phone. He is a great guy to talk to and I’m sure he would be happy to hear from you. I’m not a big fan of it, but if it fits you, its an awesome deal.

Still can’t get much better than KH pads at the moment. Most bike shops that do DH stuff will have it though, or just buy it online from an online bike shop.

I would avoid buying from the US though as I did that with my 661’s and I had to pay more in duty than I did for the actual pads!

O and some motorbike shops carry pads too, sometimes they only carry the moto line of stuff, but often they can order in the DH bike pads as well.

I sent both emails through the online contact page. Hopefully there’s just a technical website glitch. I sent an email directly to his info address earlier today to see if that helps. If you say he’s busy and is headed out of town, I won’t hold my breath.

The LBS has also neglected to call me back after I asked if they could order in KH stuff. (I think they may have had 661 in stock, but I wasn’t looking for that brand at the time.) That was a couple weeks ago. I live in a small town, so I emailed a few places in nearby Winnipeg more recently. Only one has returned my email, and apparently he can’t find KH through regular distributors.

Bedford also never replied to at least two of my emails, sent last year. I was in the market for a MUni (which is a big enough purchase that I was expecting a reply), and ended up buying a KoxxOne through an online store in the US. It got mailed to the UK for no apparent reason, and since it was the last one in stock, the store sent me a KH 24 instead. That turned out to be a good deal (a better uni for the same price), but the seat and neck were poking right out of the box and the fork’s paint job was scratched when it was delivered.

Further to that, neither or have returned my emails asking about the XXL size on the Percussion leg armour. No one anywhere that I’ve looked seems to have the KH arm armour listed, either.

Between my bad luck with businesses that don’t seem to want to do business, and the postal and courier systems, I think I’m getting more frustrated than is necessary, ha ha. Seriously, I’m trying to spend money during a recession, on specialty items no less. :smiley:

wow sounds like you are having as much fun with bike/unicycle shops as I am with insurance companies.

I am sure you could find something if you looked around in Winnipeg. XXL pads might be hard to come by but you should be able to find someone who can order you in a pair to save you the cost of shipping.

What do you need pads for around Winnipeg anyway? You guys make Saskatchewan look hilly :slight_smile:

If it is for learning tricks etc instead of Muni; soccer shin pads should work.

Ha ha ha ha ha! True enough about the prairies, but they are characterized by rolling hills. You might be surprised by the terrain around forested areas near rivers. There are some decent dirt bike trails, especially near the “garbage hill” just outside of town. I’ve also got a cabin out near the Ontario border, in the Canadian Shield. That part of the province is far from flat. :wink:

I quickly upgraded from soccer shin pads to hockey referee pads last year. The leg pads catch the fork from time to time, so I’d like something with a lower profile. (I’m glad I got the KH 24 over the K1 in the end; I think the K1 fork would lead to a lot of snags.)

I don’t actually need XXL; I think I’m just XL (6’2" and thin). I’m mostly curious as to why that size would be listed.

I Shot an email to Pete 2-3 days ago, and I got an answer yesterday actualy, I replied… at 20:47, First email I shot. Responce, 20:55… Talk about that eh? haha

I ordered 661 gear in mid-March. It showed up within a week at the LBS. The weather hasn’t been too great yet, but I did go for a few rides in the last month.

So far, the 661 leg and arm armour is working great for me, and I’m really happy with the purchase. I find it ventilates quite well, too. (Hopefully it still does in the summer heat.) Anybody need some hockey pads, ha ha ha.

Thanks for all the help.


This is Pete from UDC Canada - I don’t know why there is a problem with the email - since other people have been able to email. I have been busy with a large number of wheel builds but answering email is not hard to fit in.

Try emailing me at


1866 686 4292

KH xxl - I don’t have those in stock but I can get a pair for you from the US next week since I have to order some other odd parts I am out of.

661 - we are now able to get these too - they take about 4 days to get in stock -

I have lots of stuff to add to the web site - it will be exciting.