Protective Gear Overview & Uni-Cable-Cam Tutorial

This is my new video overview on protective gear, plus tutorials on my uni-rack and uni-cable-cam. This one was one the most epically labor-intensive videos I’ve ever made! I shot footage out of sequence, made hundreds of cuts, splices, voice-over narration, archival clips, a dozen changes of clothes, and more!

Then came the daunting task of piecing it all together, like the most complex puzzle ever, all while my laptop was lagging so bad, using 100% memory, I was expecting it to crash at any moment, losing everything I had edited! Luckily that didn’t happen.

So I hope you enjoy it, and that you find something in it that helps in some way. This was also my thank you to Kris for always being on the cutting edge of uni-technology, and making the greatest unis and accessories! Let me know what you think.


So, is the aspect ration off for other people or is it just me? :thinking:

Thanks. All footage was shot in standard def, 640 x 480, and 4:3 ratio, hence the black bars on each end. The opening KH promo is the exception, and is in 16:9. I did have to add “yt:stretch=16:9” to the tags to get it to show it in 16:9.

That fixed it:D

The three pieces of protective gear I didn’t mention were forearm/elbow guards, palm guards, and ankle braces. I left those out mainly because I hardly ever wear them; the exception to that was the body armor, which I included because it was more unusual.

But for those who would consider the stuff I left out, I was using:

661 2x2 forearm/elbow guards
Dakine palm guards
Active ankle braces

Are ankle braces necessary if you wear high sided shoes or boots?

Hi top shoes/boots will help shield your ankle from direct impacts, but can’t prevent rolling your ankle. Rigid ankle braces provide the best lateral support since they’re made specifically for that purpose. I rarely wear mine anymore, unless I’m going to ride the most technical stuff.