protective gear, forming clubs

Thank you so much to all of you (John F., Peter, Klass, John C., Tammy, etc.
etc. etc.) who took the time and effort to share your opinions, expertise,
experiences etc. on my questions regarding protective gear and on forming a
unicycle club. Your responses have been most helpful, not to mention thought and
discussion (wih my teens) provoking.

We’ve decided to continue having the kids wear helmets and wristguards, but to
upgrade ourselves to wearing knee pads, shinguards and maybe elbow guards in
addition to helmets and wristguards. We’re all learning new skills on pavement
(the kids are learning MUCH faster than we are, despite similar time
investments…SIGH) and us O.F.'s are falling a lot more. Doesn’t seem
fair…we fall farther, harder and take longer to heal. But we’re having a gas
learning together and it gives the kids a chance to mentor us for a change. It’s
pretty fun having your kids cheer you on!

I also want to express how much we’ve enjoyed this e-group and the helpful
supportive exchange that takes place. It’s a pretty special group with pros
so willing to help out those of us who are just starting off! You’re great
role models!

Happy New Year and great riding to all of you!

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