Protective Clothing Recommendations

Ok, I have proven to myself that my ambition exceeds my skill, and I need to protect myself.

I want to buy some elbow and wrist guards, and new helmet. Can the community make some recommendations on quality brands.


Get harbinger wrist wraps. I have fallen numerous times badly on my hands and I’m sure that they have stopped some fractures. They are extremely nice and comfortable, but give rigid support and stops ya from getting road rash.

Get a helmet.

Get padded lycra shorts, and wear them under loose shorts/pants. This helps rashes.

Any shin pads. I like the ones that stop before the knee as they offer more flexibility.

the 661 4x4 is a very popular knee/shin armour for unicycling, available in many bike shops and online cycle retailers. Kris Holm also does a unicycle specific one, presumably only available through UDC

How about elbow guards? That and my hands are what I seem to be hitting the most.

The KH grey gloves work great for me. They have a plastic splint on the backside to support the wrist in a fall, and a gel pad in the palm. the wrist support wraps around your wrist and is velcro, so it’s easy to adjust.

I’ve had mine for about 6 months; no bad seams, tears, etc.

i agree. i have some kh pulse gloves and they are amaing.

I have the KH pulse gloves and love them for riding the big wheel etc. but I would prefer to have a pair of harbinger wrist guards for higher impact stuff like MUni.

The KH gloves are very comfortable and have moderate protection, the harbinger gloves are moderately comfortable and have very good protection. You can’t really hold a T7 handle wearing the harbingers.

good point, 661 2x4s are the elbow version, pretty heavy duty. As for hands, personally i use TSG professinoal wrist guards but will probably swap to KH gloves in due course.

another great piece of protection is stretching. i think i did something to my right oblique today. It hurt pretty bad

is there anything around that protects your ankles?
when i try unispins i usually end up hitting my ankles on the pedals

are the Kris Holm shin/knee guards really any better for unicycling than the SixSixOne 4x4’s? I’m trying to decide between the two.


McDavid Lightweight Laced Ankle Brace

I have the McDavid Ankle Brace. I made a plastic insert for even more support.

ive been wearing 661s for about 4 years, been through 2 pairs. I’ve worn the Kh but not ridden in them. However the KH have some immediate benefits: they actually cover the top of your knee even when you bend your leg, ive got knee scars from times i was wearing my pads becasue the 661 tend to move down as you bend your knee. Also the Kh has good anti abrasion amterial on the inside leg, the reason ive bust two 661 pads is that they wear against the tyre and frame, eventually causing damage to the hard plates themselves. Also the Kh has both the top straps going outwards so the inner one doesnt open on the frame by accident, and have far fewer buckles so are much quicker to put on than the 661 8 point fixing system. When i consign my current pair of 661s to the bin i will be getting Khs.