Hey guys,

Today was my first unicycle ride out with a gang and after a whole day of riding,
let me tell ya my balls feel like there gonna blow.

Am i the only guy who feels this or is it because i ride differently and is there a way to prevent this?



courtesy of TheBadger587…:slight_smile:

Ain’t that the truth!

proper underwear tends to help too, before i started unicycling i wore boxors and nothing else, now i wear boxor breifs (a cross bewteen the two i guess) and they keep my nads nice and compfy even like them when im not riding… lol

cheap pair of cycling shorts with paddings, holds ya nads outta the way like briefs and you wont get chaffage.

Yeah, i guess you didn’t notice, but i was wearing spandex, cycling shorts with padding, underneath those loose black shorts that you saw. I never ride with out 'em.

That must have gotten a lot of weird looks :wink:

I later foundout it wasnt my nuts that hurt just the muscle of my inner thigh and beside my jewles.

Thru what i heard, this happened because im overusing muscles that usualy dont get used all the time and everyone got this starting (if you over abuse unicycling your first few days like i did :sunglasses: )

Well… i dont know what else to say

That is probably THE best “bad” Paint picture I have ever seen

haha i know!

look at the size of the heads!
Why deos the guy with the small head have the bigger jewels?

i always says
Sit on your ass! not on your balls!

nice paint picture hahaha!