im learning the uni and need some protection like if i fall…so what are the main pieces of equipment, but only the important ones…i also havent got too much cash:( im learning trials and freestyle by the way

Helmet:I like a BMX style helmet fits better and is cooler.
Shin/knee protection:I haven’t got my sixsixone’s jet but they are coming sone.

If you´re learning freestyle I would take the TSG they´re also cheaper

In order of need:
Wristgaurds or good gloves, I use TSG but harbinger are very popular, or the KH Pulse Glove.
Leg protection: 661 4x4s are realtaively cheap and offer good protection from ankle to above the knee, including the back of the leg
Helmet: A good BMX style multi-impact helmet, like the 661 Dirt Lid or Mullet

Incidentally, this forum is for product reviews, not for asking questions about products, this should have beeen in Rec.Sport.Unicycling.

what do people think are better to get? the sixsixone 4x4’s or the PRYME bootlegs? rather then start another thread, thought i could get some answers here

i started off wanting a pair of 661 4x4’s but spoke to Dan Cowling and ended up getting a pair of Lizard Skins, they r great, very comfortable and strong, and they go around the back of the leg too !!
but they dont protect the knee like the 661’s do, but it also means u dont have the annoying join u can get with shin/knee armour!!

If you’re just starting out learning to uni, I think a helmet is more important than leg protection. You really shouldn’t hop around much until your riding is solid, and it’s really only with hopping that you risk hitting your legs hard on the pedals. A good pair of jean will protect you legs enough until you really start jumping.

you need a helmet and shin gaurds, certinley if you have pedals with pins in them. i have some 661 4by4’s and they are great.

unless your doing muni gloves are pointless. if you live in a cold climate wear thick padded and slightly baggy clothing. a: it looks cool, b: its warm and c: it stops most scrapes. however if you have a climate like i do (australia) i would recommend nothing but shin pads and sometimes a helmet. clothing is optional. gloves are hot and you rarely need them.

gloves are good because if you fall the first thing that hits the ground is usually your hand.

Agreed, i never ride without wrist guards on. I really don’t want to risk snapping my wrists in a fall, and judging by the deep groves ripped in the splints in my wrist gaurds my wrists would be in a sorry state now if i didn’t wear them.

I just wear gloves so I don’t get blisters all over my fingers from hopping.

I wear gloves and 661’s sometimes… I don’t think arm guards are important unless you wear them to MUni.

same and if i fall

i always wear gloves and 661 4x4… but i ride pinned pedals so…

gloves are good, first if you fall, you dont hurt urself too badly… then second like someone siad u dont get blisters when u hop around loasd… i also find that its quite cold round here so its quite nice… in the summer i might change my mind :smiley:

Also i have a helmet, that i wear when i do alot of more extreme stuff. But honestly iof ur not solid on ur hoping no point in a helmet.

I also got some 661 2x4 but i hardly ever wear them although i should cause i fall on my elbows quite often…

Well when I’m riding my unicycle that wheel sizes are less then 24" this is the helmet i use.

But if it’s for my coker or BC then this is what i use. I find these helmets to be unbreakable at best. The bottom one in gold is the one i have. :smiley: :smiley:

Hoped this helped and take care when riding

me, well i…

i just wear a bike helmet w/ visor thing on the front
but only because my parents make me and i have been pulled over twice by the fuzz for riding without one on a uni.
i only do very low key things though (hopping up/down curbs, learning SIF and one foot)
i don’t really think shin pads are needed until you do some jumping

I have wrist wraps., lid and leg stuff

But it’s to hot here to wear anything but the wrist wraps. I think the wrist wraps are most important for general riding. I use Harbingers, these are good and much cooler then gloves. Wearing wrist wraps I find I don’t hurt my knees crashing because I can break the fall with my arms. Pedal pins scratch my legs sometimes but I don’t care, the hot 661 leg stuff is more annoying then a scratch once in a while.
I strongly think wrist wraps are important. I have super deep gouges in the palms of mine. The front palm skid is a certainty for all unicyclists. With the wraps I have lot’s of confidence cause it hasn’t hurt me yet.:slight_smile:

I’ve always worn soccer shin gaurds, but my parents have ordered the sixsixone shin/knee, and we are supposed to get them (im shipping them to Utah) around the 21st-23rd over at my cousins house.

Any Utah-salt Lake city unicyclists over there.
We go there quiet a bit, we went 4 months ago, and are going agian the 21-28th, then to colorado for some other stuff for 3 days.