Protection - decisions decisions.

I have come to the conclusion that a lack of shin protection is not helping in my quest for free mount freedom!

I was going to buy cheap football shin pads, but wonder if i shouId get knee and shin combined?

I intend to commute to work but it’s only just over a mile and think it will be a good while before I attempt any tricks. So most of my time will just be practicing in my street though I may practice at work which means it would be better if they are quick/easy to put on/take off.

Without spending a lot, what would you recommend?

I have separate knee and shin pads. Means you can use the shin pads without the knee and vice versa - handy given that for freemount practice you need the shin pads but not really the knee (shin pads for freemount practice is one of the few times I’d definitely recommend protection). My shin pads are 661 Riot - relatively cheap and far better coverage to the calf than most (handy as on a uni you tend to get pedal strikes there as well.

I learned to ride, freemount and do basics like idling without wearing any protection and never hurt myself once.

I have hurt myself doing Muni. I wear a helmet and gloves for all road and cross country riding. I wear leg armour for really difficult off road riding.

You do not need shin pads to learn to freemount.

I agree with Mike. Never worn shin pads, never regretted it. I’ve had pedal bits, sure, but so has everyone. For my riding, shin pads would just make me hot and uncomfortable. It took me a long time and many ripped up fingers before I finally decided to wear gloves.

You don’t. I’m also usually one of the advocates for not bothering with protection - I learnt to ride without any and the majority of my uni rides I wear none, though like you I wear helmet and wrist protector gloves for muni and fast road (guni) riding - but here’s a recent post of mine from a similar thread Do I need shin guards? - I’d definitely wear shin pads to learn to freemount with the benefit of hindsight. I’ve also recently bought knee pads to wear for harder muni having bashed up my knee on something technical, but I’m likely to just wear the knee and not the shin pads for that. Shin pads come out for one-footed riding or similar stuff.

Just as I was thinking to my self “well, you just never know what you’re going to hit when you fall, so you may as well protect yourself,” I was reminded of this gem of wisdom from the Fugs/Holy Modal Rounders (this pre-dates most of you younger guys):

"'Cause, down on the football,
Football field,
You never can tell
What a heel can wield,
So you gotta wear your jock a lot.
(You gotta wear your jock a lot.)
Jock a lot, jock a lot. "

Truer words were never spoken…

As a new learner (and a little older) I’ve pretty much gone for all the protection I can bolt on and I find it makes me bolder and more inclined to try something (nothing stupid, Just what you need to do to ride).
Started off with helmet, gloves with wrist protectors and knee/shin pads. After a few ‘flat on my back’ moments I’ve added elbow pads and a small backpack/camelbak.
None of it was cheap but then I’ve taken some tumbles and not been particularly the worse for wear afterwards. Money well spent as far as I’m concerned.
Interestingly the knee/shin pads have as much damage to the at the back as they’ve taken in the front. Guess I’ve had the pedal catch me in the back of the calf a few times but just not noticed.
Gloves and knee/shin pads are Kris Holm, helmet was UDC and elbow pads are G-Form.



i have 661 Rampage Knee Shin Pads Guard and they rock!
they r great for trials and MUni.

Great for anyone

Mirrors my experience exactly.
Loads of protection makes me more confident.


Newer version of the 4x4’s.

My 4x4’s were always slipping down exposing my knee. Didn’t really have enough knee protection for me anyways, so I cut off the knee, sowed it shut and added some skate knee pads. The + is I can wear either or both. I always go both or none. On the down side they take 50% longer to put on and the knee pads won’t fit under my pants.

A bit more $ than the 661’s but my next pads will be KH Percussion pads. Cooler and a bit faster to put on than 4x4’s. Both can be put on over pants if u want (I always use shorts over pants is too hot for me), & w/o removing your shoes.

If you really think you need shin pads to protect you while learning to freemount, get a cheap pair of soccer shin guards from a sporting goods store. They do everything you want and are less expensive than specialized cycling protective gear.

When free mounting, keep your pedal for between 6&7 o’clock and this will stop most of the rollback causing the pedal bites.

Thanks for all the input. Gives me some ideas.

I was giing to buy something in the middle as the likes of kh are a bit much right now, but I think I’ll buy some dirt cheap ones for now so im not spending much and get kh or 661 later.

Looking around for free mount tutorials and theres loads out there, just hard to determine which are the “good” ones. Will have to trawl through a few.

Thanks again all.

If u go for no pads get some plastics pedals (lots like JC PC’s). It might still hurt a bit, but unlikely to draw blood.

Roll back. Most like their bottom foot back & between 3 and 5 o-clock instead of 6.

Just bought these guards

Bought these soccer shin guards today, on offer at £5 (British pounds).
I wanted more ankle protection than my 661’s give. These have an ankle sock with hard protection for the ankle bones and thick padding for the achilles.
Really comfortable, plus they don’t move. They go about two thirds way up the shins.
I’m more interested in front protection than the back.

I now intend to get separate knee guards.