Protecting your saddle?

Alright, so I know which uni I’m getting… now I have to ask, for learners, what’s a good temporary way to protect your saddle? I’d rather not destroy it if I can avoid it, what’s a good way to protect it temporarily when I know I’m going to be falling a lot?

They already have a front handle and back bumper, those two will protect the saddle and still be good after you learn to ride one it.

maybe put duct tape on the front handle and back bumper. that might help a bit. other than that, try learning in a gym or in a carpeted area. also, practise catching the uni when you fall.

What kind of saddle? KH/Velo? Torker LX? Something else?

I’m guessing it will be the KH saddle that comes on the nimbus 2 uni from UDC


Haha, that’s what I figured. I’m going to be practicing inside on the carpet before I move onto the concrete, so I’ll be doing a lot of attempted catches.

Riding on carpet kinda sucks, like sometimes it grabs the tire and pulls you down, its a lot smoother on concrete. Practice to catch your uni on all fall, but your uni will get scratched up anyways, and from tiny falls from learning, everything will be fine.

If your worried about actually breaking the seat, don’t worry, their is almost no chance you’ll break the bumpers for a lllooooooooooooonnng time.

Okay, awesome. :smiley: Anything else I should worry about?

you might want to purchase these for your pedals. they help keep them from getting scratched, and eventually broken.
thsts only if the pedals are metal though. if their plastic your fine.

Inexpensive and protective. I can definately deal with that. I’ll get these when I buy my Nimbus, then.

your getting the 24" nimbus right?

Yes, I am. Is there anything I should know about it? I don’t think I’ll go very hard on it (the longest hop I’ll probably make is a fall off a curb), so I’m not terribly worried.

The Velo will hold up to getting dropped during the learning process.

If you do damage the handle or rear bumper you can buy replacements at The KH handle is $9 and the rear bumper is $9.95.

One way to protect the rear bumper is to use a short piece of vinyl tubing. Something like .5" or .75" diameter or so. Get a 3" long piece, slit it lengthwise, and fit it over the lip of the bumper. Tape it in place if necessary. Vinyl tubing is available at hardware stores. It’s used for connecting the refrigerator ice maker and things like that.

You can do the same to the front handle. Tape a piece of split vinyl tubing over the handle. Use hockey tape or athletic tape.

Fantastic. I’ll do this if I think it might get bad. (A.K.A.: In case I suck.)

the nimbus 2 comes with plastic pedals, so don’t get the pedal protectors.

Plastic pedals = good then?

they’ll get beat up, but they are dirt cheap, like $10 a pair.

Haha, well that’s a good thing. Maybe I should just order some spares in advance.