Protecting seat during UPDs

I have been riding a little over a year, and I am getting a new Muni to try going places my 20" Torker can not… Of course my front and back handles on my Torker have major road rash from 1000 UPDs, but I notice people selling used Nimbus 24" Munis with not a single scratch on the handle… which seems astounding to me.

So I was wondering what methods are available to keep my new seat looking nice as long as possible. I used to try to catch my unicycle and not let it drop, but after pulling a muscle in my back trying to grab it once, I started just letting it fall. I tried a few types of plastic tape, but those fail after one session of practicing idling…

Maybe many layers of Black Duct Tape? But it seems like that would get all sticky and be impossible to remove.

I could just ride in places where there is no pavement/rocks… but it seems like that would be rather constraining since I live a mile from the park.

Or do most people just not worry about it?

Any insight is appreciated!


My health and safety is more important than the seat. Let if fall. You can always buy replacement bumpers/handles if you want it to look flawless. But, if you are like me, you would also have to replace banged up pedals.

agreed. let it fall, it’s made to take it. all of my unicycles are all beat up. even on the first day of both my nimbus signatures use they were thrown to the ground repeatedly and already scratched up a bit. accept it :smiley:

and maybe the munis don’t have much damage because they’re falling in dirt mostly? not sure.

I wrap my seat handle with an old inner tube. This gives it some protection and makes it more comfortable to hold as well.

Most riders who are out to have a good time or improve their skills don’t worry about the seat. A lot of people do catch the seat but certainly only some of the time, and less frequently on serious off road terrain. The bumpers are there for a reason, they are very durable, and replaceable too if they ever break. Maybe they were replaced on the uni’s you saw for sale. Some freestyle tricks actually involve smacking the seat into the ground on purpose.

If it hurts your back to catch the seat don’t fret it, however, maybe it was just an exceptional case.

Just let the seat hit the ground. replacement bumpers are cheap and can take quite a beating, after all it’s what they’re designed for. If you really want to protect them wrap duct-tape round them and use adhesive remover when you take it off.

No protection required… Handles and bumpers are exceptionally strong even when dropped on rocks. There are lots of scratches in mine but the seats are far away from breaking.

And the most important thing of all: Equipment which does not look like you are using it at least 5 hours per day is uncool :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


When my handle and bumper get to the point that they start cutting my hands, I use sandpaper to smooth them out. Generally works wonders :stuck_out_tongue:

lol i throw my uni at the ground sometimes and the handle just takes it.I have broken one before but that lasted like 2 years

Thanks for all your replies!

The new Nimbus is so pretty, but I guess that is a sign I need to ride it a lot more! I will just let it fall and take pride in the carnage!

Interesting, my pedals are pretty banged up, and I never even noticed that until now.


It’s all in the name… Bumpers are made to be bumped :slight_smile:

I got a new nimbus too. dropped it a bunch already…Now its mine. :smiley:

Why not just stop falling?

I hadn’t considered that. My handles aren’t that bad & I wear full finger wrist guards / gloves so it’s not a real problem but sanding off the rough bits would be good if they ever need it.