protect Coker from sea salt water

Got my Coker finally!!! WHOA HOO!! :smiley:
I got my new Coker pretty cheap(around $290, yea!)
It came a week earlier, guess it was shipped directly from factory Fresno, CA(I am in Orange County, CA)
I spoke to the Coker Tires sales guys who said there has been a change from older model. They now ship it with button treads.

Now my questions:

  1. I plan to ride near the beach. On my old 24’ uni, the spooks and rim and other parts would get rusted and caked in salt due to sea water exposure. Does anyone who rides near the sea have suggestions?

  2. Before I ride out, is there some grease or chemical I can put to protect my new Coker from rusts, dirt, etc?

  3. Is wearing helmet and elbow pads advisable?


Re: protect Coker from sea salt water

Think of it like American Express, don’t leave home without it. Would also recommend wrist guards.

I spray the rim and spokes with wd-40 occasionally, that seems to work fairly well. That’s mainly to stop mud sticking to it, but it should work for salt water. It might not be too good if you use a brake though, and keep it away from the bearings because wd-40 is a degreaser.

Helmet and wrist guards are a good idea when riding. I’ve made use of my wrist guards, but never bashed an elbow. As for helmets, that’s a whole seperate issue. Do a search if you are interested and want a long read.


Re: Re: protect Coker from sea salt water

I’ve thanked my wrist guards so many times, that I’ve lost track. At Coker speeds they are GREAT!. I’ve several sets and all have many deep scratches.

I use Boeshield T-9. It is sold at many bike and gun stores as well as the internet. Boeshield was developed by Boeing for lubrication and protection of aircraft components. It leaves a layer of wax behind for protection.