protec ace

anyone got one? I ordered one, i hope they are good :thinking:

Sure do. Very comfy and protective. Highly recomended by me.

which one ya get?

Umm… not entirely sure- it’s metallic blue and completely round- not like the real new one my friend got that has a little ridge on it around the back of his head.

mine jsut came today and i swear i look like a gimp.

i got this one. it is comfortable and protective, but it took me a long time to get used to it. i was expecting it to be more low profile, so i felt like a moron in this giant helmet. might’ve just been that i’d never worn a helmet before. i don’t really think about it anymore, it works well.

i’ll get me hair cut and then see, :smiley:

if not i’ll swap it for a bucket :wink:

what size was ya?

mine is L/XL but i wear the thicker set of pads to make it size L

the main reasons i bought it was because it has decent vents for a skate helmet and it’s multi-impact.

yeah i got the large pads in it, but it don’t seem to fit right. can easily slide to the side.