Prospective beginner with a simple question.

I recently went to a circus (with no unicycles by the way) and I realized how boring my life is. Long story short, I changed my way of life and I’m a lot more active now. Unicycling has been on my mind this whole week and I realized I should buy a unicycle.

I’m contemplating wether I should buy a 20’ or a 24’. I can see my self riding around town when I’m decent, but as of right now, I think basic riding and tricks is good enough. I think I’ll end up going for the 20’, but I’m not sure.

I’m 188lb (85.3kg), 6"1’ (185cm), and my inseam is about 33.5in (85cm).

My question is wether or not the 20’ Torker Unistar Lx is a good choice for me.
Can it, or will it hold me up? Is there anything I need to know before I buy it?

If you guys can recommed me better one, I have about $200 plus maybe $50 to spend. Thanks a lot!

You would do just fine with either the 20" or the 24". If you mainly want to just ride around, get the 24". If you mainly want to do tricks, get the 20".
The unicycle you are looking at will be fine to learn on. It will definitely be strong enough to hold you up without any problem. There are better quality unicycles for more money, but the quality of that one is perfectly good to start with.

Welcome to the forum. There’s a lot of debate about starter unicycles. Use the search function of this forum; try beginner size for your search.

You can probably find something on CL for much less than $200. Once you start riding, you’ll have a better idea of your next steps, and then you might make a decision about your second unicycle, based on the type of riding you like.

The stock seat post for many 20" unicycles may be too short for a 6’1" rider. If you go with a 24", I’m pretty sure you will get enough seat post. Used unicycles may have cut-down seat posts. New seat posts, however, are cheap.

I’m suspicious of the inseam number you quoted. Unicyclists refer to inseam as the measurement, with the riding shoes on, from the ground until you run out of inner-leg. It has nothing to do with the “inseam” of a pair of pants.

My first unicycle was a 24" Torker LX. I am a big fan of 20", however, though I started riding one of those after I was a beginner. You can’t really go wrong with either size.

Good luck!

I suggest you either start a 24" UDC trainer for $125, or get a cheap Chinese 24" from Ebay for about $50. Buy it with the seatpost too long and hacksaw it down.

Same here.
Get the best quality/price you can get - craigslist being a good option - and once you can ride and/or you’re sure you want to continue, you’ll get a better one. Or a bigger one because even 24" is a bit on the short side to go around town.

We are the same size. When I started I got the 24" UDC trainer. After I learned to ride, I didn’t really have any use for it. If I was to start over, I would by a Nimbus 24 Muni and a street tyre. Then you’ll have both a great learner and a great Muni machine.

Ditto - I bought a cheap 20" to learn on, then a UDC Club 24" to improve.
The club is limited now, due to the <2.5" tyre width of the frame, and cotterless cranks.
The Nimbus Muni version would have been a better use all rounder.

A quick summary of my findings.
The 20" feels twitchy, wobbly, and unstable - but it is much closer to the ground to step off (instead of falling off), and it was cheap.
The 24" club is more stable, is easier to ride after the first 10-20 hours of practice, but doesn’t go fast enough to cover any significant distance - with the advantage that you can normally outrun an unplanned dismount and land on your feet.
The 26" fatty I have is yet to master. It will be a different weapon of choice for the beach, and on grass = heavier, bulky, and not the kind of “grab and go” Uni which the 24" is at the moment.

The Nimbus 24" Muni is on a £200 offer at UDC UK this week.
It can go on grass or pavement, and should be a versatile all-rounder with a choice of tyres and cranks to play around with.

Torker LXs are good, but I’d recommend either spending a bit more money on a better unicycle (such as a Nimbus) or spending a lot less money and getting a cheap one to ride until it dies. Check Unicycle dot com for the first option, Craigslist and Amazon for the second; you may also be able to find a used Nimbus on Craigslist if you’re lucky and you look around for a while.

Nimbus for $80. Just make sure the seatpost hasn’t been cut too short.

Like the above have mentioned. You can most likely find a cheap 20" on Craigslist to learn on. Although my friend who is also 6’1" recently learned and both outgrew a 20" rather quickly and was awkwardly too small for him. I’d recommend at your height to learn on a 24" as its better proportioned to your size.

Honestly, at 6’1" it’s not hard to learn on a 26". I picked a 26" for my starter as I was primarily interested in muni. I think 24" would be an excellent option if you’d like to learn some tricks but still have something fun to ride around town on. I feel like it’s much easier to pick up tricks and learn to ride backwards on a 24" or smaller wheel.