Prospect Park Juggling Cokeur

Who is the Coker rider who juggles while riding the loop in Prospect Park in Brooklyn?

Is this a riddle?


No, actually it’s a simple question. There’s a guy, I’m told by a colleague who lives in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn which borders Prospect Park, who juggles while he rides a Coker around the park. I’m just wondering who he is.

He’s not riding a Coker. He’s riding a 29" Sun (if I recall). He’s Big Billy Ryan, a member of the NYUC, and he rides around Prospect Park while juggling white clubs. He rarely drops one. Whenever I ride thru or near the park, someone invariably asks if i know him.

I don’t think he’s a member of this forum, and I don’t think you’ve met him, Raphael, bc he’s not often at the NYUC these days (and nor are you), and I don’t think he’s attended a Unithon. He was at the 2003 NAUCC, tho, where he took a few age-group medals for racing (including the juggling one).

Big Billy is so tall that I call his 20" uni the chainless giraffe.

Thanks, Dave.

You don’t have to rub it in. :frowning: