pros/cons of plastic/metal pedals?

what are they, and did i just waiste 20 bucks on metal when i shoud just switch back to plastic

I believe that plastic(what i ride) are better because they are light and I like them cause they are easy to use on crankflips. But then again, metal probably last a whole whole lot longer.


simple answer…jim c oddysee pedals. find those and you will find your answer.

metal or plastic


metal is better for trials and MUni…plastic is better for street and freestyle.

strange i thought that metal would be better for street, shows what i know

I thought the same. Could we get an explanation as to why plastic would be good for street?

I have been going back and forth about this. So I solved my problem, now I use a metal pedal for my left foot and a plastic one for my right foot. I like that with plastic pedals you can move your feet around easier and things like crankflips are easier but I hate when I am trying something and my feet keep coming off. I like the metal ones because my feet stick to them but then its harder to move around and get ready for a trick. So I have my plastic one on my right foot becasue thats the one I crankflip with and the metal one with a grindplate on my left because I like the grip and if I grind on my plastic pedal then I will have no grip at all.

i use plastic for street… i use them cuz it is the only ones i have, they do great and therefor no point of getting new metal ones… never even tryed metal b4. i was thinking of it tho…

plastics provide a nice grinding surface (but it wears fast), and more critically they reduce the mass at distance from the rotation axes of the wheel. With less mass further from the centers of rotation you can not only unispin faster (you can change the uni’s rotational speed easier) you also crankflip faster too. For a good balance of durability, design, grinding capability and weight try Odyssey Twisted Pro plastics.

The best street/trials pedal is the Odyssey Jimmy C, comes in nice colours, all the pins can be removed and when they are they leave a perfectly flat (slightly knurled) surface that is excellent for grinding. They’re light and even in non-sealed guise they are really tough, smooth running and durable.


I have my left pedal (forward foot) plastic and the right is a metal snafu. Plastic are good because they are a whole lot easier for crankflips.


i thnk i might do tis one plastic one metal thing

Let me tell you, THE best pedals for street (out of what I’ve tried) are the Haro Big Block magnesium pedals. They’re really light and not very grippy, so they’re not the best for trials but I like them okay.

One problem wit the one metal thing is footplants become harder cause one is waited and goes to the bottom


I like metal pedals for street because with the pins taken out they slide just as good as plastic pedals, don’t wear down as fast and grip better. i don’t unispin or crankflip much but i can do both with metal pedals. I don’t like cilienckis very much they wear down fast from pedal grinds and don’t grip the best. i like the feel of primo tenderizers and they wear down slowly but they are kind of heavy. right now i’m using demolition pedals i’ve had them for about 2 months they are holding up to pedal grinds fine and they grip well, the bearings don’t seem that great so when these are done i’ll probably switch to animal hamilton pedals, or mosh step pedals.

… i havent tried metal… but… the plastic ones… dont last too long when doing dumb things… haha i took my unicycle out… like… for the…4th time… like… EVER out side… and… i ended up doing a sweet UPD and… yeah… the one pedal dug into the ground… and… yeah… later… i found out… yeah… it cracked… weeee…

can someone just clarify for me why plastic pedals make crankflipping easyer? i cant crankflip so i’m not sure.

i am currently riding jimc’s with a grindplate and they are sweet. they are strong but dont have too much grip, which is perfect for street.

wouldnt having one plastic and one metal unbalance the uni and stuff?



Because for me anyway, you flip the pedal out and down and some metal pedals have to much grip and you cant slide your foot off easy.

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well, I guess it depends on what kind of street you’re doing. if its like semi-flatland Dan Heaton style street riding, plastic would be best because its much lighter, better for crankflips and unispins and the like. however, if you’re doing semi-trials Ryan Atkins style street riding, metal would be best because its stronger, holds up better to huge drops or stairsets and the like.