Propper use of Trials terms

I am confused with all the different names for trials moves. Having almost entirely ridden with bike-trials riders, I have adopted their “terms”.

Side hop: A side hop onto an object
Side hop gap: Gaping to the side
Bunny hop: forwards roling hop
Static Gap: Gap forward static and land static
Roling Gap: Roll in, and gap forwards
To bash: Object to crank or pedal
To wheel/s: Object to rubber

If any of these are wrong, please correct me.

I’m a biketrials rider myself…

But, the terms are slightly different in unicycling.

pedal-up to backwheel: pedalling rolling hop up (this is what uni trials does for rolling hops)
bunny hop: NO pedalling involved, just a powerful pull up of the bike.
front hook: bunnying/rolling hop up a wall but hook the front wheel over, (a 2 step move like unicycling’s pedalgrab.)
static gap: balance on backwheel and gap from stationary position with a sharp kick on pedals.
rolling gap: similar to how a uni rolling hops.
sideways gaps.
180 gaps
But in biketrials, we don’t say things like ‘pedal grabs/stalls’, we just say… “such and such move… to pedal/to bashguard”

rolling hop
rolling gap
static gap (sidehop gaps aren’t really the proper name).
pedal grab/stall
crank grab/stall

thats the most common set of moves anyway…

Yeah most of your terms you used above are biketrialsy, but there are secondary terms that are used a lot such as: “to pedal, to bashguard, to front wheel, to backwheel, to tyre,” No one in biketrials really talks about ‘pedal stalls or pedal grabs’ because sidehopping to pedal is considered ‘taboo’ and cheating in biketrials. :stuck_out_tongue: