Proper seatpost lenght

Ok so, I’m trying to figure out if I should increase the height of my post or not. Based on the pics here what do you think? Am I too short here?



If you use the search function for seat height or saddle height I think you’ll find several threads on the topic. All of them will agree that for just riding (not MUni, trials, street) the height should be adjusted just like you would for a bicycle. With the pedal at the bottom of the stroke, your heel should reach the pedal with your leg fully extended, that is your knee should be straight. Then, having done that, with the ball of your foot on the pedal there should be a slight bend in your knee.

for learning you will want it on the higher side, it’s easier on your legs/knees and forces more weight onto the saddle (which is super important). So when sitting on it, have one pedal at the downmost position (6 o’clock), with your hips/butt even on the saddle (not tilting to one side) your knee should have a little bend in it. You don’t want to feel like your leg is reaching to get the pedal, and you don’t want to have too much bend in your knee.

From the pics it looks like you are pretty close to there.

Yeah that’s why I posted these 2 pictures the one on the right is with both pedals leveled and the one on the let is with one at the 6 0’clock position, so then I might have to just move my seat up about 1" or 2" and should be good, will give it a try and see how it goes! thanks!

I ride with my uni so that my leg’s don’t completely straighten every pedal stroke, so basically just like that. It is basically preference, unless it is far too short or too high. For freestyle tricks people generally ride the seat on the higher side, and lower side for a lot of street stuff. That seat height shouldn’t make it any harder to ride, if anything the size of the cranks would be a bigger factor.