Pronunciation of Qu-ax?


me too

I would say: Queue-WAX!!!
:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, Forrestunifreak, for finding an earlier thread on the topic…I thought this was such an esoteric topic that I didn’t even search and should have. However, it seems in the earlier thread that no one really knows how to pronounce it. I would think that udc would have the corner on the pronunciation, but Redhead said:

“Unicycle . com said Q.X”

As in “cue-ex”? (Fed-Ex?) Hmmm, that seems unusual. Anyway, when I hear from the company themselves, I will post the response. If anyone is at Uniconn with them, please ask the Qu-Ax people how to say their name!!


Well, that’s hardly fair. :slight_smile:

4 for cue-axe
minus one from kooh-axe for unsportmanlike conduct.

Cue-Axe is in the lead 4 to 3 :smiley:

p.s. I’ve got another one, that’s not worth a whole thread. How do you pronounce MUni is it





Sorry just realized that I put a stupidly ambiguous sound in there.

I didn’t mean m-oh-knee as in (oh, that’s not what I shoulda put), I meant:

m-ooh-knee ( as in, ooh…aah)




As far as i know its Qu-Ax is pronounced like quacks(like the duck) and not cue axe or somthing else. The reason for that is, that the dog Egon(founder/owner of Qu-Ax) had was called like this. That’s what i’ve heard.

And I pronounce MUni like m-you-nee

A-HA!!! The answer! The answer we’ve all been waiting for, straight from Qu-ax as to how to pronounce their name!!!

I had sent an email to that read like this:

[B]Hello, Qu-ax…
I asked a question on about how to pronounce the name of your company. Many people had many different opinions!!

Could you please spell out the pronunciation of “Qu-ax”? Is it listed below?


Or is it something else? All of the unicycling community awaits your answer! Please respond immediately. :)[/B]

And here’s the response I just received:

[B]Hi Phil,
you can pronounce as you want, we understand you.

English would be the first version , the Germans prefer the last one.
Importand would be , that you like our unicycles.


Egon Becker[/B]

So the English version is “Cue-Aks” and the Germans say “Kwaks”.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the mystery is solved!! Now go buy those quacking unicycles!! :smiley:


Well that took all the fun out of it :frowning:

Haha, just joking, I suppose it makes sense that different nationalities would pronounce it differently.

So it is cue axe, since I speak English. Also note that kooh acks was not mentioned. :slight_smile:

I can’t see how anyone could read "qu-ax’’ as anything but cue ax or or kwacks. Not even kwacks, because there is dash in the middle separating the two syllables.

i say it Qu-Ax…as in Co-Axe