Promotion of the Sport

I have an idea, but im not sure how many people would be up for it. But here it is anyways…
My idea is to have one big website to endorse the sport of unicycling as a whole. Make something like a 5 minute video that is full of all ages, all skill levels, and all types of riding (such as street, flat, freestyle, trails) and hopefully it will become a viral video. Have everyone upload it to what ever website they can, or post it to a blog spot in hopes that it gets around the world and it shows the sport as a whole and gets people into it. Along with a website to go with it (it be at the beginning or the end of the video). The website will give show as much as possible, pretty much anything anyone wants to know from riders (doesn’t have to be top riders, i want to show all) to where to buy unicycles (which kind is best for what and where to buy them)… So basically the entire sport and every aspect of it will be on one page for the world to see. My hopes in all of this is to promote the sport as a whole, and help it get bigger around the world. Right now i was thinking of calling it NUP (National Unicycle Project), but if you have other suggestions let me know. As far as the viral video i would like anyone to send in any riding, whether your young or old, advanced or beginning, i want it all in there.
Let me know what you think about this, Thanks, Duncan Harris

Go for it, man.

Man I loved your idead but NUP is not the best name , is better a IUP ( Iternacional Unicycle Project) If you want a viral video in all parts of the world , internacional is better haha!
Count me in to help you in this! In My country the sport is very utopic , in my city I just see myself riding a uni on the streets!:frowning:

Perhaps we should compile a list of the existing unicycle sites out there first, for inspiration? Here are a few off the top of my head: Blog (this is actually a shop but their blog is usually pretty interesting) Blog (same again)
Voodoo Unicycles
The Unicyclopedia

I’m sure there are many more…

Oh, and if you’re talking viral videos it’s definitely possible, this one appeared on a few blogs earlier this year:

IUP does sound much better than NUP seeing as how it is meant to be world wide. A part of the website will have links to other websites such as UTV, UDC and other riders vimeo or youtube pages so that viewers of the page have easy access to their video’s and personal webpages. Not all of my thoughts made it onto the original post, but i do have them down on paper, haha

When you need any help just ask me In Private messages , I already add you to my friends list :slight_smile:

I like it.