Promo -Bedford/Unhuman

Thanks you to Bedford Unicycles and Unhuman Clothing.

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backflip was sick!! Great job man, looked fun.

Sweet video Colby, backflip was mint! Now I should commit to one…

dang dood…youre like pro

ahaha loved it. Nice editing and flow with tricks. Loved the backflip and thanks for the shhout out.

It’s nice to see something nobody really does with the trampoline. Backflip was very nice:D

Already said it on facebook but it deserves to be said again. Awesome Video Colby! haha Some sick stuff! Can’t wait to ride with you! haha

1:02 cool pants

Awsome video! Was nice to see some real good trampoline stuff, that backfilp was insane!

duude that was so sweet, the 1080 looked so crazy…how on earth do you commit to something like that?? nutso. really nice vid

Sick, Colby! …maybe trampoline unicycling actually will catch on :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw my drawing in there hahaha XD Sweet video, man.

awesome fifth down 2set.

Haha, the trampoline riding was pretty awesome.

Cool vid.

dude… what cranks do you have on your uni?

Koxx street cranks.

@1:53 - Nice hop to your sidewall. :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome vid :slight_smile: 1080 was sick!!

WOW? wish I had some pants like those! :astonished:

Awseome video Colby! sweet backflip and 1080° unispin on the trampoline!! :open_mouth:


sick vid, love the tramp’n

Hoooorrrible music.

Cool vid though.