Prolems with KH 20" Trials only 1 week old

Ok 1 week ago i invested in a Kh 20" trials from i had been saving to buy since i started unicycling just over a year ago.
I gave it its first real session over the weekend and noticed a little metalic click comming from the cranks :astonished:
So i gave it a full service checking everything twice, with no result.
the senario is; pedals horizontal to ground i apply a little pressure to the cranks and CLICK! then nothing, silence i could bounce on it all day in the same position and it wouldnt make a sound… :thinking: But rotate the cranks 180 and apply a little pressure and CLICK! :angry:
I have had this problem with cheaper unis bought off ebay before and though i would elimate the problem by buying a uni with a splined hub i was sick of replacing cotterless cranks and hubs, which is what encouraged me to save for a Kris Holm. Im not what you would call an advanced rider the biggest drops i would be doing are no more than 2 feet so im not exactly abusing it so whats going on

sorry for rambling on but this has realy disheartened me and now i have to contact to see what they will do :angry:

don’t worry, this happens to all new unicycles. The wheel is adjusting and after a while(a week or 2) it will go away.

ahahaha its so funny coz this exact same thing happened to me, and i got the spokes tightened becoz i thought it was them loosenin up, but that didnt help so udc aus took it back then sed that it just had a creaky bearing so they replaced it. and it was silent for about 2 weeks, but they sed if it keeps then it could be a defected hub, so they will replace it if the noise persists,

the noise is coming back, so i will probly get them to fix it soon, but i hate not being able to ride, due to not having my kh with me :frowning: lol

either its the spokes and wheel expanding, which causes a creaky noise, which will dissapear or its the same problem as me :thinking:
But no matter what the problem is, if the kh breaks then udc will replace it free of charge!!

check the bearing holders.

I gave it a complete overhaul today regreasing everything and changing the pedals just it case…it worked … the creak stopped for a while but now its back

beginning to think the spokes might need tightening and i dont have a spoke key so im gonna take it to my LBS 2morrow and get him to adjust the spokes

and if all else fails UDC will fix it for me and im gonna have to use my old one for a while
my old one sucks its a 24" Torker frame with a cheap 20" Ebay wheelset :angry:

its happining to me also but would it be the wheel or cranks getting but i have and old pair of cranks i think i’m not sure what they are but i have some werid pedals i think my buddy stole em off a jamican bike but they work ok for a starter but ya so should i take it in or just keep riding like polyphonic hippie?

the same thing happened to my kh and my friend’s kh 24. what the clicking was in mine was the hub was made just slightly too big for the axle. this kind of thing happens to splined hubs. not often, but sometimes. what did to fix mine is they took back the wheel, hammered out the axle and stuck some super strong epoxy on the keys in the axle. then they hammered it back in, and sent me back the wheel. click free.

I also just got a new KH05 and mine creaks too. Dont worry about it, it will go away with time as the unicycle gets a little more worn in. I highly doubt it is anything serious at all. My old KH cranks creaked for a while and like you I wall really worried etc, but after you’ve been ridin for a while it goes away as the cranks get worn in. So just ride it more and it will go away!

mine is creaking, but it’s the pedals. I’m pretty sure I broke them, so I’m just living with it for now.

hehe Iam begining to think all KH’s creak! Mine creaked for like 4or 5 days, then i tightend the spokes, regreased the cranks(the axle was bone dry by the way) and the creaking noise went away… Horray!!

It doesnt matter at all, mine creaked a ton on drops. Like made 20 poping noises. Pretend its your back and you can scare people. If i dosent go away, tighten the spokes all the same amount. Remember if you are using a spoke wrench turning it left tightens it because you are on the other side of the threads.

Sent it back to UDC and they cant find anything wrong with it :astonished:
So there going to test it for a few days to see if the creak comes back
Knowing my luck it will reappear the day i get it back

Its only been gone a few days and i miss it already my old uni just aint the same

im still waiing for my KH to come in the first place i cant wait!!!i ordered it like 2 weeks ago it should be here any day now!!!

grease the cranks and tighten them heaps. the creaking wil stop. when it comes back regrease and tighten some more. thats what i do on my kh05 and i works great.

its interesting how unis are silent on 5 foot drops but greak when idleing (im sure thats not how you spell it :thinking: )

i have finally gathered the time and energy to open up my kh,

i completely opened her up and found the right side of the axle was dry and other parts had grit and old scummy grease on it… it wasnt a pretty sight!!!

i cleaned off all dirt and excess grease, and regreased her and tightened evrything and put her back togetha tight and greased!!

and she now rides like a brand new uni!!!

no creaking at all

what i got from this experience: after evry 20 or so decent rides or wen ur kh starts creaking, open her up and clean evrything and regrease and tighten the cranks and axle!!! sure does help alot

Had my uni back for a couple of weeks now it was fine for a while then it started to creak so once again i gave it a full service and rung the nut heads when i was tightening them back up. So ordered a new set of crank nuts which cost me £9 about $18 put them on and the creaking stopped for a while and then came back so i tried to tighten them a little more and rung the nut heads again and twisted my allen key :angry:

anyone got any tips on tightening the nuts up full without ringing the nut heads
i had a real problem with this, the allen key just doesnt have enough grip i find that when the nut gets so tight the key just twists out and damages the nut head making things even worse even if i put pressure on the front of the key ???

What do you mean by tightening the cranks and axle i thought you could only tighten the cranks to the axel

Sorry for going on and on about this subject but when you part with that much mula for a uni you would expect it to not make an anoying little click sound my 2 year old £70 Torker has never been serviced and it is super quiet and sound as a rock

have you tightened your spokes at all? and if your ringing your cap nuts every time then them being tight is not the issue…if you breakem it means theyre to tight

No hevent tightened the spokes yet i just assumed if the click was going away then coming back after i gave ita service it had nothing to do with the spokes, and i dont know much about spokes i can take a small buckle out but thats it im afraid of un-trueing the wheel. rodger from UDC said the spokes where fine
Could it be just one lose spoke moving back and forth because it only clicks once then it wont click again until the wheel is turned 180

well i would seriously consider taking it to a pro…someone at your lbs should be able to tighten your spokes while still keeping the wheel true…if not then i would send it back and demand a new one.

do you honestly think they would give me a new one over a tiny little click because i would ask if i thought there was a chance.
Man i just fell so let down after saving my pennies to get a Kris Holm of my very own i would have never believed that it would give me problems