ProjectUNI question, Shoe brand?

Hey, someone might be able to help me, what’s the brand on the shoe in this pic>

Thats actually my shoe used for the texture, looks like when Dave put it on the model the logo was reversed. They are Etnies, however I wouldnt recommend them for unicycling as I find them pretty slippery. Heres the shoe:


thanks! i was jw. Grats on the game, pretty fun and unusual to play lol. Pretty cool though

Thanks, we are making slow progress onto the next release which won’t come for a long while. It should be drastically different from the current one and significantly more fun.


That’s pretty funny.

Perhaps a bit risky including a brand name (registered trade mark) in your game :smiley: Etnies may not be impressed ($)

Yeah, we are aware of that, they wont be there in the final version. Thanks though. :slight_smile:

haha… that game is sooo messed up… its awesome

can you play it on a mac?

If you have parallels or wine or that Mac is running windows.

There isn’t a native mac version out quite yet.

but there hopefully will be soon?


Hopefully :slight_smile: