Project: Kh Handle #1

I just got done welding this baby, i am making a seires of handles, this is the first. I was amazed at how comfortable it is to use, at first i thought it would be hard to hold but after a lil trying it out it works fine.

here are the pics…


kh handle (1).jpg


kh handle (2).jpg

nice, murde mental had a handle alot like that at toque, for his united saddle

Well, they wont get as dirty as the plastic handles from falls, but they look painful to land on wrong.

If anyone wants to buy one they can email me a-------IM KIDDING!!!

i tryed to dismount forward and that handle just aobut riped my thighs to shreds.

told ya they look scary!

whoa close one i was about to flip :slight_smile:

Why? He has a product and someone may be interested in having one, and a little extra cash never hurts. Its only when he makes thirty different threads trying to sell them that it gets bad. Yeah I tried Owen’s at Toque a little and I was worried on a bail of my fingers getting all tangled up being like wripped off or something. I think he later stopped using it for that reason. Keep innovating and it’ll eventually work.


well im gona make about 5-6 styles of handles. I allready made 20 of those metal bracets, so i jus thave to make the handles and weld them on.

Nice handle, Evan. If you want to keep it from shredding your thigns, maybe you should attach some plates along the edges (that extend to the screws) so hat rather than running into a solid piece of bar, you will slide along a piece of plate. Is that steel, chromoly or aluminum?

its mild steel.

that looks more comfortable to hold than a standard handle, I think. the normal ones are too curved, or maybe my hands are too big…
I think you should attach a rubber handle to each side or something, like on bike handle bars. that would be much more comfortable, and safer. ya know, it reminds me of the Reeder handle. yeah.

You might want to invest in some inexpensive rubber caps for the ends of the crossbar. These are readily available at your local hardware store and come in various sizes. What size tubing are you using?

yes yes, im got some i just didnt put them in.

i dont know i think a handle with the bars going straight are still better that seems a little occward to hold :thinking: . somebody should make a coker with bke bars :stuck_out_tongue:

i want a coker with those things race bikers have, they are like these spring loaded arm holders and bars…

il look for pics…



I’m sure David Stockton and Tom Miller could engineer them. Don’t know what it would cost per unit to get the first batch produced, but it seems like a doable thing.

umm, i can make them, not an easy job but it can be done