Project: BC Wheel Brake System.

I built this today…

That definitely looks cool! How well does the braking work?




Yeah, nice work Evan. How does the ‘frame’ stay upright? Have you considered adding something that can maybe loosely brace against your leg so you can stay hands (or hand) free?


yeah dude that is definatly rockin


I dont quite know what your talking a about, those 2 flanges peices are bolted along with the plates so you can ride it one handed, just hold the brake handle.

As i have said, i cant ride trials/muni/frestyle/street/bc for about 3-5 months, so if anyone has a v brake or a way to clamp magura brakes with hose clamps, il sell you a pair of the legs for like 10 bucks or so and you can try it out, i want to know how it works, i know that the braking will work, but i dont know how hard it will be to counter-ballance the force of the braking, but this means you can hold the brake and hop up steps!

I’d like to see people make fun of you for that…

Nice job…

did you mill the flang peace your slfe if so nice work

all done myself.

What I’m saying is that if the only thing in contact with the ‘frame’ is your hand via the brake cable, then when you brake it will tend to rotate in the same direction as the wheel. Imagine riding along with the frame standing loosely upright, then braking and either having the cable snap or the frame rotate forwards and dig into the ground in front of you. What would be nice is a simple bit attached to the frame that one of your legs can fit into (not attach to because that would be scary) so the frame stays upright when you brake.


After looking at it a second time I’ve noticed that the frame may not freely rotate from the foot plates. Even so, I’m guessing that any significant braking force will transfer into the frame and (if they’re connected) the plates and make the whole thing roll under your feet.

Or have I missed something here?


well the frame is held upright by the weight of your feet on the plates, if you apply a little braking force the frame/plates will tend to rotate, so you have to lean back to coraspond for that force.

Fair enough. I guess ideally longer plates might be better.

My thoughts exactly. It looks like it could throw your forwards while braking.

You could use a front BMX fork mounted the same way. A BMX fork would already have the brake posts for mounting the brake.

If you can find an aluminum BMX fork you would weld it to the aluminum BC plates. If you’ve got steel BC plates you could use a steel BMX fork. But the way you’ve got the thing mounted avoids the need to weld to the BC plates. Either way would work.

Cool stuff.

I can finnaly BC down that crazy hill without going into the river at the bottom.

Thank you Evan.

(truth be told I don’t even own a BC, too broke)

I’m gonna have a little faith and say it will work. Think about it…you don’t want to lock the wheel from a full speed ride…you’re not trying to BC skid. You apply a little bit of pressure and your weight keeps the frame upright.

exactly, you would only apply a little braking at a time, just lean back when you apply it.