Just a video to show how much i’ve improved. It was all synced up to the music perfectly until youtube cut the audio. Stupid part was I even legally downloaded the song on itunes. Anyway…

(edit) apparently the audio is availible when you view it on this site, so don’t view it on youtube, view it on this site.

The whole video was shot and edited on an ipod touch 4g
Please Please comment and tell me what to improve riding and filming!!

Cool video! Try to eliminate all those prehops, also with skinnies try get into the habit of using both hands for balence :slight_smile:

Thanks!, I’ve been trying to eliminate the prehops and take bigger setup hops, and my skinnies have gotten better also!

dang, great qaulity for the Ipod… Verizon comes out with the iphone in 2 months, maybe waiting for one of those would be better than spending 900 on a nikon haha

Yeah the quality is pretty good, but keep in mind these were all tripod shots. Moving shots look a lot worse.

2.24, in the background at the left there’s someone with funny shoes…

Lol that’s my neighbor trying to dunk in moon shoes! It didn’t work out too well;)