Heres a video i put together of all the clips ive got from the last six months Sorry for the bad quality
it was filmed on my phone and edited in wmm
most of the clips are old aswell
I can do alot more than in the video
and ill be making a better one with all new stuff throughout the summer

but for now

heres the link


Sorry its a bit boring

i havent had the time to film any decent material lately

:smiley: nice job for 6 months!



ive improved alot in the last few weeks aswell

im working on learning a crankflip and a 360 unispin (which ive landed twice)


…and pretty good job of film making for your first longer vid. But a bit too long.

Best improvements: better camera, and shorter (3 min or less).

not too shabby at all…

w/ the unispins, jump forward. it will help you land them. It looks like you are throwing the uni in front of you because you are scared of it. if you are over it, you don’t really have to think about it.

yeh, that was filmed a couple of weeks ago when i had only just learnt to do them, im landing them much better now and ive just learnt to do 360’s aswell

thanks anyway