This is how things been going with this newbee.
First week, frustration and sore muscles. Even pedeling in rythm did not come naturally.I put up a “ballet bar” in the basement.
(16 ft 2X4). A couple 5 to 10 minuit secessions , per day, while working in my shop. Next week went a little better.
Now the third week things are getting more interesting. I do 2 hours a day. I go the length of the basement room. Ocassionaly I go all the way past the pool table in the next room. Now I have to learn to make a sharp left turn at the end of the pool table into the laundry room.
Just wanted to tell somebody. Some other newbees may be interested.

Tommorow, Sat., I plan going to the doings at Arlington Hi in the afternoon. I hope to learn a lot there by observing. I have no clue how to freemount.

Hope to meet some of you there. I am the old guy. 6ft 2 in, tall loking around in amazement.

Thank you for posting.
I had a “bad” day trying to pick up a new skill, and your post has inspired me to just practice more. Some things I seem to pick up quickly, others seem to need a bit more time :frowning:

Sounds great!

It’s great to hear of older riders taking up this challenging sport. By all means keep it up, and I’ll bet you get better than you ever thought possible:D It has been amazingly rewarding for me!


Check out this thread

Re: Sounds great!

I am 68 now short and fattish.I have taken this sport at the end of 2000. My learning courve is very flat but it is a challange for me and a lot of fun provided I am persistent but…not…too…ambitious.
All the best.Uniwitold:D:D :smiley:

One on One; thanks for the tip. that isw an interesting thread for me.:slight_smile: