Progress Update

Woohoo, I can finally make it straight out of my garage into the driveway with very little wobbling. I am even able to dismount at the end. So far I have twice made the turn to go up my driveway hill, and made it up. I usually fall while making the turn though. Whoever told me to practice on pavement and not grass, thank you. It helped a lot, anyone trying to learn on grass should really just go to pavement. It takes courage, but its the only way I could get it done. I set up 2 chairs, got on the uni, and just went. It took atleast 100 tries, probably more. Unicycling is more fun than ever.


Sounds awsome, I remember the first time unicycling really started to work…It won’t be long before you can go as far as you want, freemount, and turn whenever you want. I usually recommend that if people start learning on grass, that they switch to pavement as soon as they usually land on their feet. As long as you have new stuff to learn, unicycling just keeps getting more fun. Keep at it.

I should have mentioned that, don’t go on pavement until you can land your feeet. I had tons of falls on grass that just plain wouldn’t be fun on pavement. Im planning on getting to the neighborhood park on their walking/biking path. They have some subtle turns, some full 90 degree turns, added in with some inclination. It should be awesome. Fairly thin path as well, get me running smoothly. Can’t wait.


the best part of uniing is that the sense of achievement that comes from riding the first two feet is still there when you go five hundred. Just today I was pumped because I managed to hop some curbs, and I’m absolutely sure that when I get backwards riding and one-footing down, I’ll feel the same way. It’s just excellent.

<3 unicycles.