Progress thread - Dingfelder

Congrats on finally getting your 20”

The thread below has some videos of me starting out, it shows you my training ground.
As you can see I was very lucky with the smooth surface and height of the hand rail.

The court had a very slight slope and in my early days I found it easier to go uphill.
This keeps a constant pressure on your front foot and use less of your back foot.
When cycling downward I was putting too much force on the back foot, which I then had to overcome with even more force on the front foot.
So really fighting against myself which is very tiring on the legs.

We all do this in the beginning until we learn to put enough weight on the seat. This is why learning to ride on a unicycle can be so hard on the legs.

Now that you switch to the 20” you may rethink your plans of learning on grass. Grass is a very difficult surface to ride on: the grass slows you down and you don’t see the actual surface.
And the smaller your wheel the more you’ll feel the unevenness of the surface.
On the other hand the slight slope down can compensate a bit for the slow-down effect of the grass.