Progress Report

I have now had my nimbus trials for about 3 weeks and have ridden every day since. I can now do all the tricks and more on it and can successfully drop and ride off a 3 foot cement drop. Pedal grabs are coming along nicely with about 30% success rate and i can ride the saktepark quite well. I have a ton of bruises on my legs and i am ordering some 661 leg armour from my LBS in a week. My greatest accomplishment so far it being able to jump almost 2 feet high seat out and a steady foot and a half seat in. Im quite proud as before even curbs were difficult to jump up(goodly). Ive also managed to ride down a regular 6 stair and a wide stepped 10 stair. Im quite afraid that my lacsos myght bend so in about a month ill order 2 sets of bike euros one for my muni and one for trials. Time for tubby bye bye.

Goodly isn’t correct english…you werent able to jump up curbs “well”. There ya go. But aside from that congradulations on all of your recent accomplishments. Keep it up and youll be the next ryan atkins ;).

By the way, if Ryan Atkins reads this…Do you have any relatives in the US that own a bikestore in wisconsin? I met a guy that unicycles the other day and he said he had relatives in canada that were big into unicycling, but no names were mentioned.

congrats catboy

Neither is lack of punctuation and capitalization…:wink:
But congratulations Catboy! I need a trials uni to practice on. Someday…