progress report

when i first joined someone said you guys would be interested in hearing progress reports, and since no one else i know cares, here’s something i’m super excited about!

it’s now my third week unicyling, and today i have nearly perfected freemounting with my right foot (8 out of 10 times i can get going from a freemount), riding up/down hill, or on loose gravel surfaces, or anything moderately bumpy, and going off curbs. as well as picking up tallish objects (2 litre pop bottle) and dismount gracefully. so just thought i’d share that, yaaaay. I love when I have no school and can practice all day :smiley:



You’re doing excellent work. There are many newer riders who know exactly how far you have come and how fast. Hopefully you will find some riders in your area so you’ll have someone on hand who does care when you just nailed that first new mount or successfully completed that next new skill. If not, keep posting your progress and get your strokes here.

good job and keep up the good work. i also have progerssed too. i can now glide some it is great! well keep up the good work and keep the progresses coming. hehehe

  Kyle Grasso

OK Jess, now its time to start riding in public. You dont need to hold on to anything, so go for it… run over some of those annoying peds.
-David Kaplan