Progress Report

Hey all, so obviously I just joined the community here, but I wanted to hear what you guys think about my progress so far in the worlds Greatest Sport.:smiley:

I got my uni 3 weeks ago, it’s a 24’ Muni, and since then I’ve practiced pretty much an average of an hour a day. So, I can ride forwards (With turns and all that junk), backwards (turning is still tricksy), idle right and left footed, bunny hop indefinitely, hop vertically ~30cm (haven’t taken a ruler to it yet) and horizontally ~100 cm. For mounts I can do a rollback right/left, static right/left, jump right/left, suicide, backwards on my right foot, and side mount right/left, and backwards rolling mount.

I’m just curious what kind of progress most people get when they put in as much time as I do. :smiley:

Thanks in advance folks, I found a camera so I’m gonna go figure out my exact hight now!

P.S If you have any tips/suggestions on what I should conquer next, let me know!

Ahhh, Dude, you’re way ahead of me. Ive been riden about 1.5 months. I cant Idle or any of that other stuff, BUT am super psyched that I can make it around the whole block. I feel my progress is awesome. Did you have someone showing you things?

Thanks, and no I didn’t have anyone showing me things, but I definitely watched a LOT of videos. Ask the Experts were really good - Very straightforward tips and whatnot. I also do have another person in my life who is better than me, who I’ve watched a bit, but mostly I just figured out the bunny hops watching her.

On another note - Just got a one footed idle for almost 10 seconds! It’s actually REALLY easy once you can idle.

That’s amazing. In the 30 minutes between your two posts you learned to idle one-footed!

I’d say an hour a day seems pretty normal for any excited new unicyclist.
Without doing a study, I’d guess that at the end of 3 weeks most people are still trying to ride in a controlled way, turning, and static free mounting. Maybe even just working on which seat height is best. The very basics.

People ride for years and can’t do half the skills you’ve listed. It’s actually kind of frustrating for those (most?) of us who have to really work at these skills and invest a lot of time.

Well thanks! I guess I’m doing something right eh? I’ll confess though, I am still working out the seat hight too lol - Just lowered it about 2.5 inches last night and it’s wonderful