Progress report from a newbie

I became motivated to start riding a unicycle some time ago. I’m in my 40’s and have been looking for a fun way to exercise.

I put in an order for a cycle from UDC last month, a 29” Semcycle XL with a Kovachi rim & Big Apple tire. My wife jumped on the bandwagon when she heard that I had actually placed an order. Apparently I talked her into how cool it would be to learn to unicycle while I was shopping for my ride. So I ordered a Yuni 26” Journeyman with a Nanoraptor tire for her.

Both cycles arrived a few weeks ago. We have been on them for at least a few minutes almost every day since they were delivered. I have been a little more consistent at practicing than Zeta (my wife), but we are both progressing.

By the end of today’s practice session, Zeta was bobbling along the wall and leaving it for a crank or two, and I experienced my first real rides. I had maybe a dozen rides that were over 15 feet long. A few times I made it across a driveway and out into the lawn. I am starting to crank the cycle back under me and go off in a new direction instead of falling.

Life is good! Z and I will be cruising together in no time. Thanks for all the postings. They have really helped make my wife and me become unicyclists.

Thats awesome congrats … but I think you shoulda got a 20’’ for learning to ride way easier … but sitll congrats with your first little uni rides

hey, he’s over 40 (NOT a bad thing) and he’s most likely NOT going to do any tricks anytime soon… AND he’s prolly not under 5’5". so there’s good enough reason for not getting a 20" tire.

anyways, congrats, my good fellow. looking forward to yet another two unicyclists to meet down the road.

Re: Progress report from a newbie

that’s two more of us
and two less of them

welcome to the fora

ps. read this post and smile, because that bit of joy is still coming your way

How ageist is that!

D’you think we oldies just have unicycles for riding down the road?


huuum ya, well I have never seen an oldies doing trial or freestyle.

Down the road!? I just use mine as a walker to get from the bathroom to the medicine cabinet.:frowning: :smiley:

!!!Welcome and Congrats!!! :sunglasses:

im 5’ 10" and ride 20" :roll_eyes:

cocker’s r a big wheel size to learn on

Good thing he didn’t get a cocker then. Or a coker.

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Hey jackers

Glad y’all are enjoying this thread…

I can’t say if I would like a smaller-wheeled cycle better this early in the game. I do know that I am diggin’ my 29. Once I can actually ride, I imagine I will start working on more technical moves. I can borrow my wife’s cycle any time to see if the smaller wheel feels better. I definitely don’t rule out getting a smaller cycle in the future.

I managed a few twenty yard rides across a playground tonight on the 29, and one ride that was around forty yards. I thought for a while there I could just keep riding. Some day soon I will.

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oh, and to be on topic here,

good job man. good job. keep practicing like that, and you’ll learn in no time.

now that’s just looking for trouble…

can u say Bertold Brecht?

feels like flying, doesn’t it?

I dont understand why you are saying that…

Icycle, I was interested in your story as it is similar to mine. The biggest difference is that I have 30 on you. Some time ago while surfing the web I put unicycle in the search field and got plenty on the subject. One thing I read was that most people can learn to ride if they want to bad enough and that if you can stand on one leg you can ride a uni. I have no problem there so on a whim I ordered a 24" Torker. It came on my birthday this last Feb. I began praticing about a half hour everyday. I fell hard only once early on with feet, arms, and head in the air, butt making first contact with the asphalt. That was an eye opener and I didn’t want to do that again. It took me three weeks to ride 15 feet. A couple of weeks later, 50 feet. Now I can ride up to a mile before I can no longer control the uni. I got into a bad habit of only turning right and it took me a while to be able to turn left about as well as to the right. Later I ordered a 20 incher and find that it is easier to maneuver than the 24. But for touring the neighborhood 24 is better and I want to get a 26 incher for longer trecks. I was worried about not being able to free mount. I had to place my hand on a car or mailbox to get going. On a tip from a retired friend, who rode 40 years ago, I placed the back of the wheel against a curb, a foot on a pedal to hold it agains the curb and facing away from the curb quickly put the other foot on the other pedal, lean slightly forward and go. On the third try, Ole, I was on my way. That isn’t completely a free mount, but getting closer. It’ll come to me one of these days. Why would a 75 year old take up the unicycle? I’ve always been an exercise nut and I wanted a new form of exercise and also a challenge. It has been a most enjoyable activity. What exileration it gives when you accomplish something new! I find the uni is more of a challenge to master than learning to fly was.

Dale Collins
Port Saint Lucie Florida

Thanks to all for the replies

That’s probably true, but I can never tell the difference between trouble and fun until after I am hooked either way.

Dale - thanks for the note. I hope to keep trying new things as time goes by. Good to hear from you.