Progress report and a clarification request

Hi, all!

I’ve greatly improved in the past few weeks. I think it has been nothing but
perserverance that has kept me going. Since I last wrote, I have improved to the
point of be able to ride hundreds of meters without falling, including going
down curbs, bumps and grass, handling crowds and dismounting at the end! Last
Monday, I wrote four km!

I also bought some cycling shorts and am much more comfortable. I’m still
wearing jeans, though. I haven’t felt much reason to change.

I will post some more images of myself and my friends Jeff and Michelle in a few
days. We are trying to find a camcorder to record our selves for later
critiques. There may be some mpegs as well! Our latest trick is juggling while
riding – I can nearly juggle three balls for a few seconds while riding. Jeff
can yo-yo quite well. We also have been riding on each other’s shoulders and may
have some better pictures of us as well.

So, I feel that I am now easily qualified for Level 1 and getting close to Level
2. There is a thorn, though. My freemounting isn’t perfect yet. My dismounts,
however, are coming along!