Progress of a novice

I guess it’s been a couple of months since I first sat on a friend’s unicycle
aiming to fulfil a long-standing dream of learning to ride.

I’m loving it! I may not be very good yet, but am going for rides around the
paths and cycleways near my house of, I’d guess, up to two miles. (Quite tiring
on a 20" wheel, but that’s all I’ve got…) My free-mount is consistent now,
but I’ve yet to get any success with idling, which is what I’m currently
working on, along with sharp turns to the left. (Sharp turns to the right are
easy - I’m guessing it’s to do with the position of the pedals at the point I’m
trying to turn.)

I am constantly dreaming of a unicycle of my own, but my wife’s not too keen on
me spending money at the moment (after I bought myself a mobile phone just
before Christmas - you can guess the end of that story!).

It was good to get together with Rocket (after discovering we live in the same
town!) briefly to try out a few different types of Uni. I do know I want a
bigger wheel for getting around on - i just haven’t decided how much bigger yet!

Anyway, thanks all - this group is a constant inspiration to me!

Trevor Coultart (Anecdotal and/or amusing quotation currently unavailable)