Progress - Max H

my latest video for the video contest.
go and vote on (use the ‘‘zoeken’’ function to find the right thread, voting wil be able starting from sunday)

youtube ->
vimeo ->


realy nice video :slight_smile:

Good job, nice vid best belgian streeter:D !
Sorry Benjamin:p.

Jan H

Nice vid dude, fast improvement. keep it up.

Sweet vid man! I enjoyed that really much, it was well put together :smiley:

nice vid:)


Ah dam i thought it wasn’t used yet xD Yeah the skatepark is awsome, i only go there on meetings because it’s kinda far.
Thx for the comments !!

My first post on forum :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice vid max, and no problem Jan, I agree with that :stuck_out_tongue:
But about the music: I think it’s stupid to check all of the uni video’s because you don’t want the same music, I don’t think this is a problem :).
Nice edited by the way, incredible that you keep using windows movie maker :stuck_out_tongue:


i really liked the editing at the beginning…that was very nicely done. and the riding was good to

Nice dude. I like how your improving. Nice style too.