progress? hmm

you have one and are posting on the forums that is more then probably 90% of this world can say, therefore you are a unicyclist

Fellow newbies

Hey all,

This is my first post to the forum. I have been lurking for a while.

I have been enjoying the encouragement being given to OFB for a particular reason. My wife and I received our first uni’s last week, and we have been working out daily, trying to get the hang of riding them. Lotta work and much fun.

It’s easier to imagine that we can learn to ride these crazy cycles when I surf the posts and look at the video clips that are available.

Thanks for all the info, comments, and clips!

OFB: Let’s do it, bro!

Oly, WA, USA

contrary to Unidobs I would advise to start with 29" then go for the Coker later.
though the Coker is a must it might be a problem with clumsy “old people” (like us :smiley: ).

I have had so many problems freemounting the Coker (including a trip to the hospital) that I had to buy a 29" get used to it before daring again face the beast. Now I still have problems freemounting (but I suspect those are psychological). this said a Coker is ultimate ZEN!

so if you’ve got the money (and a big garage!) a two steps process is a good thing.

Pat: many of us are shy to tell our significant other that we need yet another “thing” in the garage. I just have to suggest that my mood is so much better after a ride on my new toy, that I do not indulge in other deadly sins (such as a brand new Ferrari! -or a younger mistress -)
At our age if we do not do crazy things it will be too late afterwards!
go get a Coker and let us do this 60km ride together!

Ahem … 60 miles !

C’mon: I was a young boy when brits were supposed to get the metric system :smiley:
which side of the pond are you?

in case nobody’s mentioned it in this thread yet, make sure u’re putting all your weight on the seat

there’s got to be a story there…

Just to ride a Coker is no big deal. Free mounting can be a problem for a while and developing skills can challenge like any uni. In fact they can be easier than 24s etc to go for a ‘ride’.

Just encouragement; you can all do it and believe me, the first experiences once a Coker is moving under you is worth the effort of parting with the dollars or pounds (or Euros).

Re: Fellow newbies

I agree with about everything you said Randy. When I get tired or frustrated, I come inside and watch the videos and see how easy it is for these guys/gals.
This is one week for me and there is no quitting. I’ve been beating this 24 up big time , but it has got it’s licks on me also. On one leg the achilles is scratched pretty raw and on the other leg a couple of big bruises on my calf. Good thing those pedals and pins are plastic :wink:
It would be nice to be able to learn together with my wife. I think that would be fun and I can see her laughing at me a lot. I remember as a young lad, my two brothers and I learned ice skating right after moving to Alaska. The next year for Christmas we got new skates so we went skating. We lived on a hill right above the river. The temp was -35F, but we were too young to care. A short time later, our dad put on some skates and came down to join us and our younger sister. Mom came down with the 8mm movie camera to film the show. She was laughing so hard that she was crying and the tears were freezing to her face. It is a lot of fun nowadays to watch some of those movies. I am positive that how dad looked back then and how I look today trying to learn to ride the unicycle are exactly the same.
I guess as a person grows older, it just takes a little more time for the gyro to get in gear :wink:

You guys and your coker talk is about to drive me craxy :wink:
Keep it up, it is giving me something to shoot for.

go watch this video

u’ll find the whole story here

Which side of which “pond” ? I’m on the European side of the Atlantic Pond, and definitely on the imperial side of the units of measure pond. I still cook in lbs & ozs, drink imperial pints (quarts, gallons, pins, barrels, tuns…etc) of beer, ride my 36 imperial inch unicycle for miles. Unfortunately rods, poles, perches were not still in regular use when I was at school. I was a boy when the money went metric, but not a particularly small one.

Metric units are so convenient, but the quirkyness of odd-ball units of measure must surely appeal to all odd-ball unicyclists.:wink:

Incidentally, miles were actually a (sort of) decimal measurement of distance - the distance a Roman foot soldier would walk in 1000 double-paces.

I have ridden, in one day, more than double my age in miles. I think I will plan to do a ride of double my age in Roman metric miles when I reach 60.:smiley:

Old(ish) fat(ish) Chris

Now why did you have to go and share that link with me??? :wink:
Guni with a aero-bar. Note my new signature :wink:
I love my aero-bar on my 7700, but on a 36"! I can’t wait.

Thanks for sharing that link. Incredible what Pete did.

Re: progress? hmm

On Thu, 1 Sep 2005 01:49:01 -0500, “wobbling bear” wrote:

> a brand new Ferrari! -or a younger mistress -)
>At our age if we do not do crazy things it will be too late afterwards!

(Wobbling Bear, pondering about the priorities of life)

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