progress? hmm

Twice today I made a full revolution on the uni :slight_smile:
With all the questions I think about (correct posture, seatpost height, balancing, etc) I felt pretty good about that little baby step. The plastic guards on the seat are broke-in real nice and the word “Torker” on the back of the seat is rapidly getting scratched off. Let me see, oh, then the nice long scratch on the back of my calf looks nice, but the compression job between my leg and the seat of the uni that turned sideways while I was falling didn’t really feel all that great! I decided to take a nice long break after that one :wink:
Doing all of this while it is just shy of 90F, makes me wonder what I did to start losing my sanity or am I doing all this because I already lost it? Certifiable for sure. No question.
Hey, you all have a great day. I am very slowly learning and trying to have fun! Oh, btw, 1 new can of wasp/hornet/yellowjacket spray is about gone.

Is that a generic bug spray? Did you just keep reapplying it? I seem to just sweat bug spray off, so it does nothing :’(

Keep at it, the hardest part is getting basic riding down. After that, it just gets easier (except for backwards. I hop backwards instead ;))

sorry, but it was the yard spray–kill on contact

Well, this might not help you at all, but ill just sasy it because it is what finally helped me learn to ride. Mount between to chairs and get seated comfortably while holding on. Then, start pedaling foward, let go, and see how far you can get. then keep doing that, and youll just get better and better. I started on grass and went for until i could get about 10 yards and easily land on my feet, then i went to flat pavement (as flat as i could find). If I ever fell on the pavement, i didn’t care about the uni, just tried to land on my feet. My bumbers are really scratched up on my LX, the frame is scratched, i lost a dust cap, and one of my pedals clicks an itty bit. Nothing that stops me from riding.


Keep going.
It took me about two months of practice everyday to make it across the gym. During that time I was determined & pretended that I was enjoying it.

Now that I can uni 7 miles, more or less effortlessly, on my 29er and it feels like flying, I truely am enjoying it. And the sense of accomplishment is amazing (I have very little sense of balance and am very clumsy).

Keep going.
It’s worth it.

Cathy (old and decidedly overweight woman)

Keep going. You are right on track. Sorry about the scratch on the back of your calf but that seems to be par for the sport. We have all been there.

I keep telling myself, there must be some health benefit to all the sweating the takes place.

Hang in there!!

Thanks all :slight_smile:
e39m5, I will be doing more of that perhaps starting tomorrow. Today the wind is blowing so hard there is no way I could even begin to get on the uni.
cathwood and Wheel Rider: no stopping this man!
I will do it! I can’t stop cuz the desire for a coker is too great :slight_smile:
hmmm, or was/is it the giraffe or perhaps the 3-wheeler? :wink:

Right first time, Oldfatboy. Once you can do a few turns on the small wheel … no, order that Coker NOW !!! You know you want to ! Giraffes and 3-wheelers are okay for parades and circusy type things, but real men need a BIG ONE.

Great to hear such worthy ambition so early on in the quest for one-wheeledness.

Practice, practice, and more practice.

Happy riding


munidobs, the first time saw a coker, I was hooked (line and sinker).
I looked for every video for one, searched on yahoo, everything I could think of to find more info on them.
I was/am in love :wink:

Keep at it…

oldfatboy - your enthusiasm is infectious. Stick with it. The feeling of accomplishment is a great reward. You’ll certainly get your share of attention as you make progress.

A few years ago, I was just completing a 100 mile ride on my two wheeler at Tiverton, RI and my wife met me a few hundred yards berfore the last corner to the finish line with my 20" uni. When I rounded the last corner more than a few jaws dropped.

Since then I have done a few 12 mile rides and I’m contemplating 60 km on my 60th birthday next year.

Stick with it, don’t get discouraged, and be sure to wear body armor (especially wrist guards!)


Thanks patmoore :slight_smile:
Well I have already seen a couple of double takes or two looks :slight_smile:
People nod when they drive by and see my on my sidewalk, but then they turn and look again when they realize what they saw. Pretty humorous.
Today I did 2 1/2 revolutions and then went out later and fell everytime I tried to start.
I keep pressing on because I don’t want to be the first person that couldn’t ride a unicycle that honestly tried! I will do it even if it takes a while. There is no danger of quiting :slight_smile:
Safety equipment has been ordered and on the way.
One of these days I will post a picture like that…I just don’t know what I will be on when I do!
Coker??? :wink:

Congrats on your progress so far OFB! It sounds very familiar. :slight_smile:

Be assured that you will eventually prevail and master the one-wheeled beast. Kudos and BZ on the determination.


Sometimes you can try and try and try and try and not get it.

Initially I decided that I would give up. I went away for a weeks holiday. When I returned I thought I would give it one more try only to shock myself. I rode my first appreciable distance.

One way or another, you will get it with perseverance

Good job and keep at it. I too was very determined (do a search for some of my old posts) and at times became very frustrated but my determination and resolve were very strong. I’ve always been somewhat athletically challenged and it took me 8 months/80 hours to finally get it. It was soooo worth it. I ride every day now and am doing level 3 skills with at least some regularity. I’m getting a 29er to start doing more road miles with a definite goal of moving up to a Coker.

WHAT !!! Why 29" first, then 36" for “road miles” ??? Get a Coker first, then you won’t bother with the 29er, unless you are doing alot of not-too-technical XC. Coker is a much better tool for the road, so save yourself the cost of the 29er.


difficulty of mounting a Coker?

I’ve never ridden a Coker but I was wondering about the difficulty of mounting it. My 20" is a piece of cake but I find I sometimes struggle doing a free mount on my 28" because the seat is much higher. I’m only 5’8". Would a Coker further exacerbate the problem?

I tend to have the most difficulty remounting after a long ride and the legs have turned to rubber.

This question could be academic as I’m not sure I could convince the child bride that I need a third uni. Our garage already looks like a used sporting goods store…

I wish I had your problem… too much sport stuff in garage :slight_smile:
Obviously I don’t know the first thing about mounting a coker (or any other uni for that matter), but having followed the AUT, there are a couple of short people who did the ride.
I have 2-3 inches on you but I better be able to mount a coker. I don’t want to have to carry a step-ladder with me everywhere I go :wink:
I am already looking into putting things on Ebay to sell. Things that are impossible for me to use for quite some time. Between learning to even ride a uni and selling, I will have a 36" one of these days.
Time to get back on the uni and practice.

Re: difficulty of mounting a Coker?

5’8" is not particularly short. I personally know at least 2 significantly shorter Coker riders here in the UK, one of whom is probably >8" shorter, but she does have the advantage of a shortened frame. I don’t know how tall Beau Hoover was when he first learnt to freemount a Coker, but I doubt if he was 5’8". When you are up there, you will feel 8’6" tall.

Mounting does seem daunting and problematic at first. I am by no means an accomplished unicyclist but manage to nail a rolling mount pretty much 99% of the time, even off-road and/or when tired.

If the number of uni’s in the garage is a problem, once you get a Coker it won’t be in the garage because you won’t want to get off it - no problem;) otherwise you should trade in the 28" because you should be planning on doing 60miles for your 60th birthday, not 60km !! or round it up to 62 miles (100km).

One thing you do know is that plenty of people do it, and one day soon you will be one of them.


Cokers are so hard to mount on, the roll back requires so much pressure, you should be like a level 4 before trying. I said this on another thread but, I got a trials when I was like a level 2.5, and it drove me crazy, I wondered why I got it, I couldn’t idle, go backwards, or ride seat out. And this was a 20 inch, so when you get a coker, you should be really good + they are kinda dangerous because on the static mount (never tried a suicide, scary) it can totally go flying out and you are high up enough to fall on your head, but go for it

munidobs, you are right…I will :slight_smile:

unign, as for me, it may take a long while to be a unicyclist, but sometime in the future I will be riding a coker. :slight_smile:

I have seen people that are naturals in certain skills and it is neat to watch them. However, although I can walk, run, do some snowskiing, ice skate, love riding my Trek 7700, I have found out within the past week I am no natural on the unicycle :wink:
A bit frustrating, and I am glad the Torker doesn’t have feelings, because I have about beat it to death already. It will, however, bear the scars of a victor.

I don’t know why I wrote all that, but oh well.