Progress: Changed cranks on my 26in and added handle bars to 32

Progress! This past weekend I changed cranks on my 26" from 165mm Nimbus Ventures to (137 hole of) 117/137 KH Spirits. It is a much smoother ride, and faster, and whole uni fits me and my shortish-inseam better now, I feel. That job was mentally simpler but physically harder than I expected. Those cranks I think had been on for something like 10 years–I got it used and the 165 cranks that it came on it were always awkward though doable. I took it out last evening for a 2 mile spin after changing them out and went quickly into to a 7mph speed as a comfortable medium highish (for first ride) speed. So much more comfortable and was able to raise the seat a little too. Not too far from my current med-highish speed of 7.5 on my 32"-150 (though still new on it). The coolest part was how quiet the hookworm tire was at these speeds, nearly silent, so stealthy and cool! I may nickname it Spidey. Instead of naming my unicycles, I am more inclined to give them all constantly changing nicknames. My 24" is currently “the goat.” I thought about calling my 32” the stallion, but I ride it more like a pony, lol. I currently have the Nimbus gel saddle cover on a Nimbus stadium saddle (that I hate on its own) on the 26” and it maaaay be OK. Well see; I did always like the open handle on the stadium. I do love how covers decrease (the rate of) slippage off of sitbones and down the saddle. I have an old KH air saddle cover on a freeride on my 24” muni and it is by far my favorite saddle set up so far.

And then recently I was able to obtain a used Nimbus shadow handle from a great local friend (Hi Mike, you’re the best!). Because I am not quite ready for it, but wanted to go through the set it up and see it, I installed it on a KH street saddle I am not using. So I will ride barless using my preferred KH freeride saddle mostly (at bottom of pic) and continue to get comfortable with two hands on saddle, but maybe try the handle now and again a little, we’ll see. So far I have only sat on it with a support. I am pretty sure I will like grasping the corners, that will allow me to flare my elbows as needed, similar though a lot more forward and a bit more out than how I ride when holding both sides of my saddle currently. The bars are angled the way they are mainly just to allow me to exit stage front if needed in the fiddling/learning stages of both riding and free-mounting. This is the length with the bar all the way in (it was cut by previous owner, I still have the straight bar uncut). And, yes, I do know about the opportunity for cruel and sudden face-plants when new with handlebars! I had a taste of that early on on my 24" muni when I started to fiddle around with pressing down on the center of the front handle for acceleration, lol. The ugly white rubber covers are temp to take brunt of when I drop it as I begin to fiddle with it. I am not sure how well that will work, and how much I will drop it, but it’s what I cam up with based on what I had on hand. I wouldn’t be surprised if the street saddle with handlebars turns out to be comfortable too on the 32”, in which case I would put the freeride on the 26" but we’ll see. I imagine it could get readjusted many times over as I begin to actually ride it with the handle…

So mainly my post is to share, sort of brag, that I got these two things done in the start of another unwelcomed heatwave and got to know my unis and their parts and workings a little more in the process :grin:. Very beginnerish I know, esp for the many of you that build unicycles and whatnot, but I am pleased with myself, the results, and my little unicycle tool kit, though I think I will upgrade the little hand-held 8mm Allen/hex key.