progress! (beginner)

Today was a great day for me. After taking a break from unicycling for a few
months, I fetched my uni and filled up the tire to attack the free mounting and
‘going for 50feet distance’ attempts :slight_smile:

In the past I would free mount on average about once per day. Thats including
about an hour of practice. Actually, until then I’ve only clocked about 7 hours
total of practice but it was spread out over many weeks, usually one-hour
practice sessions at a time.

Today though (or actually yesterday it started), I can now free mount
virtually every time! I’m using the technique of stepping on the pedal closest
to you and bringing the wheel towards you, as you simulatenously (and this was
the final tip, or trick) swing your body up bringing the stem of the bike and
yourself up to vertical, going slightly passed so you can start pedaling. At
times I found myself idling backwards while doing this, then heading off
forwards – I’m almost ready to start idling on its own now, as its all
starting to come together!

I just finished reading this book called Ironmind – you can search for it on and read a few messages about in usenet, at Great
motivational book. This book, along with the time away from the uni (for me)
allowed this progession to a whole new level. I hope to stay motivated and excel
even further!

By the way, it would be fun to start populating central park (new york city)
with more unicyclists. I’m going to try and make it out there on the weekend
more often, usually starting around the 72nd street west-side entrance. See
you there!

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