Progress and questions!


This sport is great! Everyday, new (usually tiny) progress, but
unfortunetely no one around
to share the enthousiasm…

Well, if you care, here is a little progress report.

My goal for this summer were:
-Being confortable riding long distance: Aside for saddle soreness, I would
say this
is achieved. I need a Coker! Question: my work is about 5-7 miles
away with
a large hill, all in city traffic. Is it realistic to think about
commuting on a unicycle?

-Better mounting: I can now mount 4 different ways, all on same side.
Other side
feels just like I never did this at all. Side note, even though I am
becoming quite
solid, succes rate is probably still well below 50% and also often
result in 90deg turns.

-Up and down curbs: down is no problem. Up is another story. I am trying
non hopping method, sofar without success.

-Hopping: After getting the UNiVeRSe video, I was convinced about the
of hopping. Well, tonight I realised I was able to do it for several
seconds, without
prior practice! This was absolutely unexpected and I am still in shock.

-Idling: Several months of complete, absolute inability to even start to
practice this skill.
Somehow, last week I managed to do one backward “step” and continue
kind of by chance, while I was not thinking about it too much. Tonight,
I can do this
consistently and even managed up to 3 or 4 “rocking”. Future looks
bright from here.
One trick I found is that it is more efficient to practice this directly
from the mount.

That’s about it. This is turning into an obsession… If things continue
this way, I might have to
find some new goals soon…


Re: Progress and questions!

On Sat, 2 Aug 2003 22:35:17 -0400, “Oana et Jocelyn”
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>This sport is great!
It is the greatest!

>Everyday, new (usually tiny) progress, but
>unfortunetely no one around
>to share the enthousiasm…
Luckily we have the newsgroup! (The link to the forum is down so the
community is quite small though.)

It seems you are making very good progress on several fronts.

>Is it realistic to think about
>commuting on a unicycle?
In view of the conditions it may be a bit too early now. But yes,
people do commute on Cokers, with hills, in traffic, over even larger
distances. Absolutely realistic!

>-Up and down curbs: down is no problem. Up is another story. I am trying
> non hopping method, sofar without success.
What non-hopping method? Rolling up curbs of 10 cm (4") or more is not
so easy. You have to unweight the wheel at the right moment,
preferably augmented by putting more weight on the pedals for a brief
moment just before the curb. Also, pull on the seat. A fat tyre helps
as well. But then, a jump (as some ppl call a rolling hop) requires
practice too. I find that ‘static’ hopping up a curb is the easiest
way. But I agree that rolling /down/ a curb is easier.

>Somehow, last week I managed to do one backward “step” and continue
This is one recommended pre-idling exercise. (And a skill in itself, I
think for level 3.)

>find some new goals soon…
There are so many options to choose from.

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Re: Progress and questions!

Keep it up Jocelyn, sounds like your progessing great!
BTW, I have ridden for 32 years and just today started hopping. And those were little-bitty hops, but hops that can grow! :smiley: -chirokid–

Here is a little tid bit of info

Going up curbs on a coker i realitvly easy with the no hop method un till you get to the curbs that are 6inch and Up. Also practice with your coker befor you ride it in heavy trafic because the Coker is Truly a Whole different animal.

Keep up the good work you are well on your way to what i not quite shure i have’t got there my self yet

Have fun


Re: Progress and questions!

Jocelyn, what 4 mounts are you doing? --chirokid–

Re: Progress and questions!


-Roll back, 70% success
-Side mount, 50%, favorite one!
-Side mount, foot in front, 30%, most Wow!, but feels unsafe…
-Static mount, started practicing this, 20%, feels weird not to not roll back.

Only one side. I feel handicapped not to be able to do the other side. Must
practice this.


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> Oana et Jocelyn wrote:
> > *-Better mounting: I can now mount 4 different ways, all on same
> > side. Jocelyn *
> Jocelyn, what 4 mounts are you doing? --chirokid–
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