profiles vs. koxx1

if you could afford either a koxx1 devil or any trials uni with profiles, which would you buy? which is stronger, lighter etc?


most people wait more than an hour to expect a response from a message board. i’d probably go for the profiles just because of the lifetime warranty. though i’d love to get my hands on a koxx, especially because it has ISIS. so, it’s close but personally i’d get profiles.

The Koxx is freakishly light, lighter than anything else on the market. Depends what exactly what you want to do, i wouldn’t grind the Koxx cranks becasue they are solid alloy and i think they would wear quite heavily, as supposed to the profile steel cranks which i doubt would wear atall, but this is just my guesses, i don;t have nay actual experience either way. The profile looks stronger but Yoggi has done huge drops, presumably on the devil as he is a koxx rider. For trials, unless you’re going to be doing stuff bigger than let’s say 6 ft i’d go with the Koxx, it’s just as good and a lot lighter, and i think alot cheaper, and it is ISIS so you can diferent cranks for it.

also, the koxx hub is one piece. No worries about things getting sloppy. Wich is something the profile warrenty does not cover.

i have the koxx 1 hub and cranks, i grind all the time and the koxx 1 cranks have held up fine, they’re scratched all over but so were my old kh cranks. i would personally go with koxx 1 cranks over profiles, because i hate long cranks (anything over 127mm is long) hate q factor, and and the koxx 1 stuff is lighter.

get koxx1 hub ith kh slined cranks and a profile bolt

Koxx One all the way, i have the same set up as anthony and i love it, iv got a summit frame on it and the weight loss from the hub and cranks makes up for hte heavness of the frame. I also grind alot on these and they only scratch as much as my profiles, also another reason to love them is they are straight cranks but they are nubless, not like the kh 04 with tiny nubs, ther are NO NUBS, perfectly straight. Get koxx one.

I have said many times, nothing is perfect. Both systems are good.

The profiles use known technology, it is good. It does have the problem of all streight splines, it wears and requires a lot of mainanance. But is solid.

The Koxx, ISIS. yes good new solid interface. Hub may be solid but due to it’s constuction causes spokes to break and has a narrow flange… wheel stength against hub strength… guess it depends on riding technique. Don’t worry about grinding, loads of metal on those cranks.

Interesting you are not comparing the Onza/KH, it gives you a stronger wheel than the Profile and Koxx. Yes it is still streight spline and hence has the problems of any staight spline. Although having said that it does have the extracting locking ring fix, so in my opinium is better.

Please remember all splined hubs require a lot of mainance! keep those spines in good condition.



Exactly what I said, the wheel will be stronger on the Onza/KH than any other of the splined hubs. This is because of two things the flanges are wider apart and made from aluminium. This means that that it is less prone to bending and also makes it more rigid.


Go for a pair of koxx!!!

they are sweet for grinding

and more prone to spoke damage/breakage during flatland tricks, and grinding.

I’m sure the nubless desing is great, but aluminum just doesn’t slide like steel.

I plan on building a 29 with the koxx hub, because unlike square tapers, I don’t have to worry about the cranks loosening up, it’s light, and I have the option of 125mm and 110mm.

Yeah but your cranks are more likely to blow up, as is the hub and KH rim.


Profiles cranks are stronger than KH/Onza cranks.
DX32s and Arrow rims are stronger than KH rims.
Profile hubs are stronger than Kh/Onza hubs.

Wow are they. I will have to bow to your obviously greater experience and wealth of knowledge, as well as obvious solid research on this subject that you must have done to state categorically that this is true.

Thank you for your wise words.


Profile hubs are also a hell’ov’alot heavier too. :sunglasses:

Nice retort.

This is bacicly only going on Bacic Guessing, Has anyone stress tested a profile and a kh side by side? And also has anyone ever broken a kh/Onza?