Profiles for sale???

Alright! I give up. I’m planning on going to Moab, and I intend to ride everything I can. But, I have a problem. My muni’s hub and crankset aren’t in the condition to survive the slickrock trail from what I’m hearing. I really don’t want to end up doing a 6 mile walkout because of a broken crank or sheared hub, so I’m putting this out now. Does anyone out there have a set of Profiles (170mm preferable, but I’ll take anything), damaged or not, that they’d like to sell? I can’t afford new ones, so I figure I’ll try to buy someone’s old, worn or loose-keywayed ones. I figure if they’re damaged I can warranty them, so I really don’t care about condition, just as long as they’ll last me the moab muni weekend. If you do happen to have a set of profiles sitting around, please e-mail me at .

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Dont underestemate your hub on the 24 man, have you had any problems with it yet? Just do some regular checks to make sure everything is tight and take it easy on big drops to flat. You should be fine.


Yes, I have had problems. The cranks are no longer parallell, one of them kinda is rotated on the spindle (or the spindle has begun to shear) about a half degree, and also it feels like something is bent, and since the cranks look straight, I think it’s the spindle. Thanks for the encouragement, though.


Hey, since it appears obvious that noone wants to rid themselves of a set of profiles, I figure I may as well ask if anyone has an extra profile-equipped muni they’d be able to lend me for moab? Brakes are a plus, but if it has profiles and a 24x3.0 tire, I’m happy.