profiles and pedals

I have had my profile hub and crankset for several months now and i have taken everyone’s advice to maintain the to prevent loud clicking sounds (with anti-seize). suddenly one day my uni started to make a faint clicking noise, but nowhere near as loud as i have heard all other profiles make. i switched pedals and loosened my main caps (i thought i might have the bearings too tight) but the sound remains.(i also did a overhaul on them)i was wondering if this is normal and if there is anything i can do to stop it. i also found it was weird the the cranks only click when riding (not hopping or dropping :thinking: )

my other question was on pedals. i have been riding for a while and i’m starting to wonder if any pedals hold up to the rigors of trials/ mountain unicycling. Has anyone had any luck/problems with the snafu pedals?

thanks for your time,
any help would be greatly appreciated.

I think a certain amount of creaking is inevitable with profiles, and your doing all you can to prevent it. I find that after taking the cranks of and cleaning everything and regreasing the creak goes away for a while. Your description of only hearing the creak when riding matches my experience also. If you ride putting as little force on the pedals you can usually prevent any noise, but when you use a lot of force (uphills, downhills, anytime you stand up or grab the seat) , it creaks a lot.

As for Snafu pedals, they have worked very well for me. I have some unsealed ones that I’ve had for about a year, and there still working fine. They’re on my trials uni, and have stood up to pedal grabs on to stone and concrete for a long time. They did loose a couple pins when they where new, but that was because I didn’t tighten them enough. I was able to replace them, and since than I haven’t had any trouble.


Recently my profiles have started to creak quite a bit more than normal. the first time i heard any creaking was after unicon, about a month after I started using them. After taking it apart (which i can easily do by hand) and cleaning there was no real improvment. on the other hand some people have great success with cleaning and lubing. Definitely try it, but im not guaranteeing anything.

I have heard very good things about the Snafu pedals, but I havent personally tested them.

Good Luck with the Noise!

Same story as Max. My Profile setup started creaking badly about six months into it’s life. I’ve done the ol’ disassemble and anti-seize lube but it didn’t help, matter of fact, I think it was louder. It was especially bad at UNICON and thought mine was the worse until I heard one other Profile complaining more loudly.